Agnia Ditkovskite is credited with an affair with a foreigner

Агние Дитковските приписывают роман с иностранцем Found a mysterious correspondence of the artist. However, it is difficult to say whether Agnia Ditkovskite communicated with the alleged baby’s father or is not more than photoshop. Also, the actress continues to ignore the issues associated with the advent of her family a second child.
Агние Дитковските приписывают роман с иностранцем

Not so long ago in the media appeared information that the actress Agniya Ditkovskite gave birth to her second child. Mother of actress Tatiana lutaeva chose to remain silent on the issue of replenishment of the family. Media reported about the second birth Agnes Ditkovskite

After her divorce from actor Alexei Chadov young woman did not advertise his personal life. However today the leaked information that the new elect Agnes was a young man. I suppose that man call Amir, he is a native of Uzbekistan. According to some, he was born in the capital of the Eastern countries in Tashkent.

Also in the Internet appeared the correspondence that Agnes allegedly led to the comments in his microblog. However, it is possible that this is nothing more than a skillful photoshop – so secretive in terms of personal life Agnes is unlikely to start to communicate on personal matters in the public domain. In conversation the man literally confesses his love – he says that he sees the future solely around her. However, in conversation there is another user who allegedly Ditkovskite promises a happy life together. “For eight weeks. And the future will be in happiness. Joint…I felt for a long time. Hi,” – wrote the artist.

Агние Дитковските приписывают роман с иностранцем

Raise some doubts and accounts of alleged friends – page is closed to users and owners of micro-blogging was not among the subscribers and subscriptions of a celebrity.

According to the edition of PeopleTalk, almost a year ago Ditkovskite traveled to Uzbekistan, in the city of Charvak.

While fans awaiting word from Agnes herself – actress continues to stubbornly remain silent and ignores any questions regarding the birth of the second child. Now she started to work in a new project, what hastened to announce to his fans. “My favorite city. Always a special joy to work here!” – wrote the artist. The followers were happy for agniyu. Despite the fact that Ditkovskite was dressed in a loose sweater and wide cardigan, followers noted that she does not like a woman who has recently had a baby.