Агата Муцениеце снова изменила имидж
The actress had to wash the red color from the hair.

Photo: Instagram

Only ten days passed Agata muceniece with a new hair color. On the eve of the anniversary of the wedding, the actress has dyed her hair red. This transformation is not appreciated neither her fans nor her husband Paul Priluchny. On a direct question Agatha, as he her new haircut, Paul very diplomatically evaded.

However, forced muceniece to wash off the red paint from the hair are not husband and Director. Specifically, favorite work. The fact that Agatha was invited to audition for the project, which takes place in the mid-twentieth century.

“After the war, this hair color could not be”, — explained the actress of his next transformation.

Over the past few months this is the fifth transformation of Agatha. First girl broke up with long curls, then slightly darkened hair, then made a short cut, then dyed it red and now dark brown hair.

Fans suspect that all these transformations are associated with the psychological condition muceniece. “Agatha is so often changes hairstyles, it says that it wants change in his personal life!” — wrote some. Indeed, there is a saying that when a woman wants to change her life, she begins with the hair. But then the fans must be calm: the crisis in the family Priluchny-muceniece passed. The problem has not yet succeeded, but the couple actively working on it. The conflict of the stars was due to the fact that Agatha and Paul are very different people, but to live without each other can not. This is what they understood during an argument.