Агата Муцениеце призналась, что ссорится с мужем
The actress told that her husband Paul Priluchnogo explosive temper.

Agata Muceniece

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Agata muceniece considers that there are such families, which have periodically occurred quarrel. Moreover, the actress believes that it “animates” the marriage makes the relationship of husband and wife more vivid.

“We have pashas the only rule: children in any case should not see mom and dad fight, — said muceniece. There was a moment when the husband has not yelled and jokingly said something, and came rushed to the defense of: “mom is Not necessary so to speak.” It was so touching. But in principle, sometimes people need to throw out the negative. And it’s a perfectly healthy relationship when husband and wife quarrel, reconciled, again quarrel, make up again. We do this is periods. Sometimes, do not swear, and it happens every day. And our quarrels always seriously, always with “divorce”. Pasha so many times uttered in the heat of anger is a word that I do not perceive. We can say, for us divorce is not new. (Smiles.) Simply, we are arguing very violently and this time bad control: shouting at each other, breaking dishes, once the door broke. Although it was long ago… We played together in the project “Quest”, and Pasha, I was jealous. In a rented apartment in Riga, we began to swear, and we suffered so that we are all broke, then they themselves repaired. But if we accept, as nobody put up, we violently, passionately, at the maximum. Pasha is a man — fire, I even had a little dim, he added water to his nature. (Laughs.) With him hard, he is a maximalist, he’s no middle ground. For example, ask him to buy a fan, he will buy five fans. So imagine Pasha in anger. I, of course, with age you become wiser and are already beginning to understand where you just have to remain silent. If you keep silent, you will be better and then you think: what am I a wise woman, I said nothing, and it’s great, and if not restrained, would have started a scandal. But still, all this quarrel does not exclude. We often quarrel because of jealousy — see Pasha is a picture of me with someone and started…”

To exclude a reason to be jealous, Agatha even gave the husband the passwords from their e-mail and social media accounts, allows Paul to view your phone to read SMS.

“I have no reason to give, I basically uninteresting to other men, — says the actress. — Piss me off even other people’s smells. Pasha has so filled my whole world that I even thought is neither about anyone. But he still is jealous of me, and sometimes such strange people, very unsympathetic. I just wonder: “Pash, do you really think I can with this…” In General, he shouldn’t be jealous. Although sometimes I am pleased, of course, when Pasha is not over the top”.

Full interview Agatha muceniece read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”. Now!