Lyubov Tikhomirova won the role thanks to the nutritionist

Любовь Тихомирова получила роль благодаря диетологу
The accident has helped the actress learn the best way to quick weight loss.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

After casting the actress has heard from the Director: “All very well, but I want to see
your bones”. As it turned out, the heroine, the role which claimed Tikhomirov,
must be painfully thin. Love didn’t know what to do: “Not that I’m a man
to go to extremes and starve. So went to a nutritionist. Explained the situation,
he asked me to help. And he suggested the simplest diet available to every woman, — says the actress. —
the evening soak raw buckwheat in yogurt, put in the fridge. During the night the buckwheat swells. In the morning take it out and eat it on an empty stomach for Breakfast.
Then for two hours more nothing is impossible. And then eat and drink as
usually, it is desirable not overeating. In two weeks, losing seven pounds, I came to the Director ready for the role.”

In recent years the actress almost has neither the time nor the energy to exercise. 38-year-old Only manages to keep
form only with the help of proper nutrition. “Rules that I adhere to, is known to all, but not all of them perform. I switched to five meals a day
small portions, and for lunch I always have soup. Is limited to only
Breakfast and dinner, I do not believe, you begin to fat! During the day drink
can more water. Abandoned sugar and flour. And never eat dinner after six in the evening. In the extreme
case can afford a Cup of yogurt.”

Once a year, the actress clears
body with popular with American stars detox program syrup, which includes the natural extracts of different trees. ”
fact, it is fasting: during the week, you eat nothing, only drink this
syrup, — opens a secret Tikhomirov. — It saturates the blood with all the necessary metabolism. While the stomach meanwhile, receiving
only liquid rests. After a week of unloading the weight falls to 3-5

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