Court again: Angelina Jolie sues the FBI over Brad Pitt Lawsuits between famous actors reached a new level – now Jolie is suing the FBI.

Court again: Angelina Jolie sued the FBI over Brad PittThe loud and scandalous divorce of 47-year-old Angelina Jolie and 58-year-old Brad Pitt has been going on since 2016 – in the fall of that year, Jolie filed for divorce. The last straw in the actress's patience was, as many publications reported, the incident between her 15-year-old adopted son Maddox and Brad Pitt on board a private jet – Pitt, not quite sober, insulted Angelina and raised his hand against her, Maddox stopped him and got himself hit. The FBI was investigating this situation. The divorce was actually finalized in April 2019, but child custody disputes between the former spouses continue.

Court again: Angelina Jolie sues the FBI over Brad Pitt

Court again: Angelina Jolie sues the FBI over Brad Pitt

A recent high-profile story was Pitt's lawsuit against Jolie due to the fact that she sold her stake in the French estate with a vineyard and wine production Chateau Miraval – the couple bought the property in 2008, even before their wedding. Then the stars agreed that they would not sell their shares without mutual permission. However, the court sided with Angelina and ruled that she had every right to sell. During the trial, it also turned out that the chateau under the management of Pitt was experiencing serious financial problems, and the actor was in no hurry to understand the situation.

Court again: Angelina Jolie sues the FBI because of Brad Pitt

Angelina's new lawsuit is just related to the story of 2016 – she points out that the FBI should not have closed the case against Pitt because of the incident on the plane, as the actor insulted her and the children and used force. It also became known that Jolie herself still suffered in that story – she had a bruised elbow, which she reported to the FBI agent. Pitt's problems with alcohol have been known for quite a long time – the actor himself admitted that he was undergoing treatment for his addiction. All this adds weight to Jolie's words against her ex-husband and increases her chances in a new lawsuit.

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