После скандала с Лохан русский миллионер сбежал на родину Yegor Tarasov arrived in Moscow. According to media reports, the young man stopped at his father’s place in the centre of the capital and he goes for groceries. After the scandals of actress Lindsay Lohan realized that can not continue the relationship and broke up with her lover.

      The public learned about the novel of Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan and a Russian millionaire Yegor Tarabarova in March of this year. The relationship of the couple seemed fabulous. 23-year-old Russian millionaire indulged his 30-year – old girl is they traveled to different countries of the world, rest in prestigious resorts, visited expensive restaurants. Russian boyfriend provides Lindsay Lohan luxurious life

      However, in the summer, Linsey began to openly Express dissatisfaction with her boyfriend, and even stated that Egor was trying to kill her. Then she realized she was not going to put up with a short temper boyfriend.

      “I realized that no relationship can continue despite the feelings. No woman should endure beatings and stay with a man who is not even willing to apologize,” – said Lohan.

      After this scandal, Yegor Tarabanov, apparently, decided to go to Moscow. Journalists spotted him in the capital – millionaire went shopping at one of the supermarkets.

      Lindsay, meanwhile, continued to relax in the company of friends – its “Instagram” is full of bright pictures on the yacht and on the beach. Apparently, the girl is recovering from the psychological shock when, as claimed Lohan’s lover tried to kill her.

      “He tried to strangle me! He almost killed me! I pray, please help! Let everyone know about it! You have no right to do that. You have repeatedly raised your hand to me and wanted to strangle me. You’re a damn psychopath! You need a doctor! I don’t love you anymore. It’s over, get out of my house!” yelled the actress in one of the fights.

      Neighbors who become unwitting witnesses to the drama, immediately called the police. The guards had to break the door of the London apartment Lohan, but no one was inside.

      Yegor Tarasov was born in Russia, but educated in the capital of England. Now, according to Life.ru the young man stopped at the apartment of his father in the center of Moscow.

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