После развода Дана Борисова появилась с абсолютно новым лицом

Dana Borisov hardly be called successful in matters of the heart. On account of the former star of the TV screen in a few relationships and marriages, the last of which ended a few months ago.

It so happened that The divorce with her husband coincided with her birthday. This coincidence probably affected the mental organization of TV stars and for some time she disappeared from the media space and social networks. This fan decided that she just needed time to recover after the next fiasco to get my thoughts in order and understand how to live and build your life. But judging by the last photo Borisova, the month during which about it was not heard, Dana spent on something else.

On his page in Instagram Borisov published a photo which poses in a beauty salon, which was accompanied by the comment: “Friends! Forgive me that for so long was gone! After what happened, I’m a month off the phone and flew to mom Pauline in the Crimea, about much thought”. Barely saw This photo in the blog subscribers have signed – presenter with plastic surgery of the face. Think they gave that face oval This now looks a little different. He pointed, and the cheekbones become more pronounced, and his eyes acquired almond-shaped.

She Borisov so far, the speculation about plastic surgery no comments. In the end, do not say nothing, change the hairstyle – change destiny. And Dana here decided to change something in the face. Anyway, the rest went leading for the benefit and now she looks refreshed and rested.

We will remind, the initiator of the divorce with the husband she was Given. The reason for the breakup was the coldness that appeared in the relationships of the couples shortly after the wedding: “Yes, I really was getting divorced, he told her then beauty. My husband is a wonderful man, but as it turned out, living with me is impossible! We parted on good terms, but continue to call…”.

According to Borisova, their feelings gradually cooled, until at one point, she realized that the relations necessary to put the point.


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