After leaving from “Houses-2” Katya Zhuzha will become a businesswoman

Уволившись из "Дома-2", Катя Жужа станет бизнесвумен
A few days ago it became known that Kate Susan leaves the leading role of the popular TV project “Dom-2”.

Уволившись из "Дома-2", Катя Жужа станет бизнесвумен

Kate took this decision in order to devote more time to personal life. The more it insisted on the young man. Now Susan is planning to open his own business.

Уволившись из "Дома-2", Катя Жужа станет бизнесвумен

“I have a favorite person. I want a normal family, not so that the man was waiting for me for months of the trip. When my expressed dissatisfaction a few times, I decided to leave. Can’t say that it was given to me difficult. Because with the friends I remain in the same city. I also just love the ranks, as they say. Now I will devote time to the man and the daughter. And we have already discussed with my that I need to start my own business. I will be a businesswoman with an eye on the home and family,” shares the celebrity their plans.

Yet Kate is not officially introduced his beloved and apparently is not going to do it, so the fans are only left to wonder who this mysterious chosen of Zsuzsa.

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