Реклама Calvin Klein оказалась в центре скандала

Fashion brand Calvin Klein was at the center of the scandal. The reason for this was a provocative advertising campaign spring-2016.

It all started with the fact that in one of the trendy districts of new York, SOHO, two of the Billboard advertising Calvin Klein. The posters did not like the Director-General is a young lingerie brand ThirdLove, Heidi Zack. She demanded to remove the billboards, as their content seemed to her offensive to women.

One poster depicted a Danish actress Clara Christine in a candid pose. The caption read: “I’m seducing in #mycalvins”. Another picture with the image of hip-hop artist fetti the GSA was written: “I earn the money in the #mycalvins”.

Heidi Zack accused the brand of sexism, wrote an open letter. “Is the message of Calvin Klein says that women are only good for seduction? What are we, stuck in 50-ies? These are the true values of the brand?” – she said in a statement. Zach has also published a petition demanding to remove sexist Billboard. Brand ambassadors hastened to remove the billboards, but the accusations did not agree, saying that they removed the posters because it’s time.

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