Аделина Сотникова оказалась на грани нервного срыва Adelina Sotnikova told fans that this is not the best period. The skater did not specify the reasons for which is in a state of moral exhaustion, but the fans sure, it might be related to personal life.
Аделина Сотникова оказалась на грани нервного срыва

Adelina Sotnikova at 22 has reached incredible heights: she twice became the champion of Europe, won the Olympics and participated in the popular show on the First channel, where he also earned a victory in a pair of Alexander Sokolov. Recently, however, fans rarely hear about the successes of the athletes on the ice.

Adelina herself does not like to give any comments about his personal life and future plans. And yet the other day she posted a Instagram post, which complained about moral exhaustion.

“I hope to be able to cope with everything that’s happening to me. Thoughts in my head a billion. Are morally dead state. And we must do this to me? And For what? When your condition is on the verge of collapse, the soothing words don’t help. Know that all will be well! La-La-La, poplar. But what is happening inside no one understands me”, — shared his thoughts Adelina.
Аделина Сотникова оказалась на грани нервного срыва

Fans immediately speculated that the upcoming nervous breakdown of the skater is associated with the problems in his personal life. The fact that in 2016 Sotnikova gone through a painful breakup. The chosen one was cheating on the girl, and finally she could not stand the betrayal. Later, it became known that the heart of Adeline again employed, but choosing between Dating and career, the girl gave preference to the second.

Now Sotnikov prefers not to comment on rumors about his love life. She rarely appears at social events and almost never gives interviews. All the free time the skater spends on the ice.

By the way, the career problems, according to fans, also could lead to moral depletion athletes. The fact that after leaving from the trainer Elena Buyanova Yevgeny Plushenko, Sotnikova almost did not participate in major competitions. Fans fear that the girl will lose shape and no longer benefit from the excellent results on the ice.

Anyway, Adelina herself has not commented on a controversial post and not responded to the concerns of subscribers. It’s possible that Sotnikova has managed to overcome the crisis. In any case, fans hope it will not prevent the girl in the near future to go on the ice, to win new awards.