Адель рассказала, что во время беременности у нее выросла борода

During a concert in Glasgow the singer said that during her pregnancy she grew her beard, which she called Larry.

Pregnancy is a miracle and a blessing. But in addition to the amazing experience of carrying within himself a new life, pregnancy boasts and amazing set of side effects. One of them Adel told his fans during a concert in Glasgow.

During his concert in Glasgow on March 26, Adele told her fans, what a transformation happened to her during her pregnancy: “When I was pregnant, my body was so much testosterone that I even grew a beard. I got rid of it just last night. Seriously, this is not a joke. I did have a beard, but I’m proud of it. I even call her Larry”.

The singer thanked the young son of Angelo (Angelo) and boyfriend Simon Konecki (Simon Konecki) for what they have helped to treat it with humor. “My men beautiful beard, and in hot weather it is sure it shaves. Now I know what it feels when the temperature rises,” said Adele.

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