Адель возвращается в Великобританию

She will go to live in London. British singer Adele breathe free American air and pack the bags to return home, leaving Los Angeles, his home for $ 7 million.

House in Beverly hills actress, collecting full stadiums, acquired last year, which, according to experts, is a very profitable investment. In this house she lived with her husband and son, but now, when her tour came to an end, Adel going home.
“Adele feel Los Angeles is not a place that could become her home, although at first it very much. Now she returns to the UK. There in London she has relatives and close friends that are so important to her,” said the insider edition of the Daily Star Sunday.
The source also suggested that the presidency of the odious Donald trump, who for the past six months is the head of the United States, was one of the reasons why the British uncomfortable to live in America.
“Adele fought for Hillary that she was confident in her victory. The election result was a shock for her,” the insider said, but gave a ray of hope to the Americans that the singer to come back to them – “She hasn’t decided where he would like to educate your child, and America continues her love”.
Recall that due to illness Adele has cancelled the final two concerts, which were held in London and complete her world tour.