Emma stone spoke about equality in Hollywood

Эмма Стоун рассказала о равенстве в Голливуде

Only a dumb haven’t talked about gender wage equality in Hollywood. This time his word said Hollywood actress Emma stone, who told a very instructive and revealing story.

28-year-old actress received the “Oscar” for participation in the film “La La land” in February of 2017, told how her male colleagues were asked to reduce their fee in order to compare their fee for the work.
“In my career there was a case when my colleagues cut his fee to compare with mine. They felt that it would be correct and fair to me. It is not even discussed. No one had any complaints and did not take offense. I believe that these men’s actions lead to positive changes in our social life,” said Emma, but the name of those male partners, as the film in which she participated.
“It is that men and women in our profession are no different. We are all the same, equal and we all deserve a good relationship and have the same rights. And I am very grateful to my partners who supported me, and told me then: “it should be, so be honest”” said Emma.