Адель отвергла предложенные ей 50 миллионов долларов
The singer hinted that her personal life is not for sale.



Perhaps no one but an incredibly
popular in the last few years, singer Adele, didn’t have the spirit without
hesitate to refuse $ 50 million. It did so, the singer recently received an offer to play
for such remuneration in a reality show about her family life. 28-year-old singer strongly
said the producers: “no, Thanks!” This was reported by the newspaper Daily Star.

Adele made it clear to the representatives
tempt her incredible fee of the TV channel that she was not going
to sell for money to his personal life. Besides, the singer said that this
the project inevitably would be detrimental to the interests of her four year old son Angelo from
boyfriend Simon Konecki. Adele is trying to keep Angelo, whom she just
loves and away from the lenses of the cameras of the paparazzi and wants to give him as
more “normal” upbringing. For the sake of it, by the way, decided on
a serious sacrifice. As announced Adele, at the conclusion of his concert tour
she intends to take a break in the schedule of performances on stage for the whole 10 years!

Incidentally, this is not the first in recent
time refusal of the singer from the more than substantial fees. Not so long ago, she rejected
an offer to perform during the final of the super Cup series that
it is considered a great honor for any overseas artist of pop music. But in that short speech she was offered 5
millions of dollars… However, Adele can afford such a “broad” gestures. After all
her condition, according to conservative estimates, in 2016, was more than 130
of millions of dollars.