Актриса Хелен Хант рассталась с бойфрендом после 16 лет совместной жизни
The owner of “Oscar” for his film “never Better” unlucky in love.

Актриса Хелен Хант рассталась с бойфрендом после 16 лет совместной жизни

Helen hunt and Matthew Carnahan with daughter


Hollywood actress Helen hunt, Oscar-winning actress for her role in the famous film “never Better,” where she starred with Jack Nicholson, was alone again. She broke up with her 56-year-old partner Matthew Carnahan, writer and Director. In particular, he is the author of the series “house of lies”. Helen met Matthew in 2001 and since then the couple lived together for 16 years, but they did not formalize their relationship officially. Sometimes married friends envied their love and happiness, but there were periods when they are terribly quarreled and Helen kicked Matthew out of the house.

Helen hunt and Jack Nicholson in the movie “never Better”


The actress says that staying with Matthew because of their 13-year-old daughter.
After giving birth to her, she even stopped acting and for several years sat
at home with the girl. But lately Helen was finally convinced
that the partner is cheating on her and with the scandal told him to leave. The gap
will be unpleasant and painful, because they have a kid together and
acquired over 16 years property. And they parted not friends. Though
Matthew have long promised to write specially to Helen the scenario of the show and
she was excited about this work, it is unlikely now this project is a collaborative

Helen Hunt
there are 20-year-old son from one of her former Boyfriends. Married Helen
there was a time. Her marriage with actor Hank Azaria lasted only 17