Абсолютно обнажённая Анфиса Чехова забралась на коня
Such shocking pictures members stars have not yet seen.

Абсолютно обнажённая Анфиса Чехова забралась на коня

The picture shows 41-year-old TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova posing absolutely Nude on the horse. What Anfisa clung to the animal’s whole body. The author photo was Daria Bulavina @bulavina.

Абсолютно обнажённая Анфиса Чехова забралась на коня


I would involve the smell, to the depth of the nostrils.
Taste of baked apples – your skin.
Would to bury his nose in the armpit,
Hold your body in a vise…
To get to moan and ask for a break
Passion to feed from your hand!

I would be your eyes so close
To merged into one the pupils.
Enter in your secret thoughts,
Inside feeling the aftershocks.
Hand on his head,
heartbeat in stomach
To the bone, devouring the gloom,
Exhale you Happiness in your mouth!

I tenderness your carafe.
The drop in itself, infusing,
And silently,
(after all the problems, when we’re talking)
Look at you falling asleep.
Love you even in your sleep, robbing the stale of the Universe,
What in reality separates us on the Ground.
At different angles, or how to punish prisoners.

I have all of their principles to scrap,
All “but” send to hell,
all fears aside.
We could, in an embrace to lie down, but sitting
the corners of his… in a heap of dumb questions.


P. S. Perhaps this is the most erotic of my poems and a photograph of all that I have.
I decided to combine them together.
Once I get married, and the husband may not allow me to do these photos. And I’m not a feminist, I listen to the opinion of his Men
So while I enjoy the Freedom you can enjoy my naked pictures☺this
Who knows which one will be the last
Gorgeous photos thanks to my brilliant @bulavina”,

– signed photo of Chekhov.

Chekhov noted that the picture was taken at the Horse Ranch “Outpost”. But there people are constantly working. This was probably one of the most memorable days in their careers.

Note that in the last time very often Anfisa publishes explicit photos:

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