Известный блогер о бойфренде Светланы Бондарчук: «Молодой муж старой кошёлки!»
Who and why called secular lioness?

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Sergey Herds

Photo: Social networks

The ex-wife of Fyodor Bondarchuk, Svetlana, about six months ago ceased to hide an affair with a young photographer Sergey Tabunov. The couple has not commented on their relationship, although in the light of the lovers come together on a regular basis. Last time Svetlana and Sergey posed for reporters at the theatrical performance organized by ARARAT. After that, the blog Lena Miro, which is known for its provocative publications, there was a devastating record about the relationship of Svetlana.

Miro has posted a post titled “Young man old bag”. In it she criticizes the relationship Bondarchuk with her boyfriend. Lena writes that Svetlana could choose a decent and interesting man, but chose “to buy a young body.” Now she is helping her lover to achieve the status of a secular party, supporting its activities with the communications.

In a devastating article, the blogger indicates that the pair appears to be comical. They say, Svetlana is too old for Sergei. He, in turn, relies on situation, but in the future, from the point of view of Miro, choose a young friend.

Then Miro made an analogy between the relations Bondarchuk and marriage Tina Kandelaki. TV presenter for several years married to 31-year-old Vasily Brovko, who was recently “caught” on the fact that he showed great interest in the young beauty Nicole Santarini. In secular circles started to appear the rumors about a possible cheating wife Tina. “The stable waiting for the same thing…” — summed up Miro.