Редкий кадр! Дима Билан показал любимую женщину
The singer decided on a rare public displays of affection.

Dima Bilan with mom

Photo: @bilanofficial Instagram Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan has shared with fans a touching family photo. On it the artist posing with his beloved mother. 36-year-old singer gently has signed a frame: “Mama Nina! Was zanimal this beauty of mine!” Recognition of Dima once again conquered the hearts of his fans.

The idyllic family portrait Bilan attracted the attention of many users of social networks. Some of them are discussed in the review youthful appearance, Dima’s mother. Others write that dream to raise a perfect son. But the most devoted fans offer their nominations for the position of the wife of Bilan.

“Mother daughter-in-law?”, “What a joy to have the opportunity to relax in her arms! Happiness, health and longevity of your mother!” “Such a wonderful mother gave birth to such a talented son, Very similar with my mom, All moms wait for the grandchildren! Surprise your family”, “smells of parental warmth”, “the Most close and dear person, the perfect picture” — written Bilan.

Incidentally, not long ago, the sister of Dima stated that the artist for more than 10 years happily in a relationship with Inna Andreeva, lecturer in medical gymnastics. Relationship couple hides because of the reluctance to make public discussion of privacy. Relatives persuaded Bilan to marry, but while the singer is happy with the status of bachelor.