Внезапная болезнь ребенка застала Ольгу Ветер врасплох The young mother didn’t know what to do to treat the baby. Olga the Wind for the first time faced with the illness of the boy. Many fans attributed this to the fact that the former participant of the reality show gave the heir to kindergarten, despite the fact that he’s not yet two years.

      Внезапная болезнь ребенка застала Ольгу Ветер врасплох

      At the end of January last year most participants “House-2” Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugov divorced. The couple shared growing up the son of Misha, who after a few days it will be two years. The former spouses try to be with the child all free time. Despite the fact that the boy was left to live with his mother, Olga does not preclude the communion of the father with the child. Recently Misha has a cold. This put the Wind in a difficult situation. Now she tries to do everything for the baby soon recovered.

      “Yesterday I was upfiles never for two years. When my son has never been sick, so now I also adapt to the new situation. To eat especially not eat, but the compote of cranberries, cranberry and Apple comes in with a Bang”, – said Olga.
      Внезапная болезнь ребенка застала Ольгу Ветер врасплох

      Fans were concerned that the Wind does not know exactly how to act to alleviate the suffering of the baby, and some began to give advice and to argue about treatments. “That’s right! Kompotik and needed now! Vitamins and liquid! Better!”, “It’s hard when children get sick! But most importantly patience! And all will be well. Let more drinking is in favor”, “Temperature jumps – it’s good! The immune system is fighting! More preferably the liquid sour. Kompotik most is above you said. Get well, get better!” – wrote followers Olga.

      Olga was disappointed that the modern electronic thermometer for measuring body temperature showed wrong information. She had to resort to the conventional mercury device.

      Olga Wind and Gleb Zhemchugov christened son

      Some members linked the illness little Misha with the fact that a week ago the boy went to kindergarten. Despite the fact that the boy is not two years, Olga decided to find a preschool for my son, to free time for their personal pursuits. She was glad that the boy liked socializing with peers. “Took Misha in the garden. The first two times an hour. And further more. The teacher took so fast that even a photograph did not. Not a drop of tears, it was very interesting, the garden inside is very nice. She ran to the Solarium and to the store,” said the Wind.