“All – my daughter lied to me”. For the anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova: “the Seagull” error during space flight

«Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос The favorite of millions celebrates its birthday. Despite his age, Valentina is full of energy. Since, as Tereshkova made a space flight, it took more than half a century. Now the legendary female astronaut working in the state Duma.

      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      March 6 legendary Valentina Tereshkova celebrates the anniversary. She is 80 years old. The morning Valentina Vladimirovna congratulate relatives and friends. Recall that the world’s first flight of a woman cosmonaut with the call sign “Chaika” was held from 16 to 19 June 1963. Then the ship “Vostok-6”, which was Tereshkova, 48 times circled the Earth. During the launch of Valentine uttered a slightly modified quote from the “Cloud in trousers” Mayakovsky.

      “Hey! Sky, take off your hat! I am coming to you,” said the woman.
      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      While in orbit, Valentina led the logbook and made photographs of the horizon, which are then used in the atmospheric studies. The difficulties encountered during the flight, did not prevent the woman to land safely and become one of the heroines of the Soviet Union.

      Once Valentina returned home, women were not traveling in space for nearly twenty years. This is attributed to the ban of Sergei Korolev, decided not to risk the health of the fair sex. Years later, the case of Valentina Tereshkova continued Svetlana Savitskaya, flew in 1982.

      Woman-cosmonaut Elena Serova will arrange at the ISS a fashion show

      The birthday of Valentina Tereshkova, the Russian space Agency launched a special promotion. The Ministry urges everyone to write the birthday greeting and accompany it with the hashtag #chicaswebcam. A video message to Valentina Vladimirovna has already recorded the astronauts from the ISS.

      The President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented to Valentina Tereshkova two gift – sculpture “the Seagull sits on the water picture” and “Seagulls over the river”. The head of state personally congratulated the woman Kosmonavta and thanked her for service to the Fatherland.


      Valentina Tereshkova was born in 1937 in the Yaroslavl region. Her father was a tractor driver died in the Finno-Ugric war, and his mother worked in a textile factory. Little Valentina had a musical ear and played on the domra. In 1953 she graduated seven classes. To help the family, the girl went to work at the Yaroslavl tire factory, and later moved to combine technical fabrics “Red Perekop”. Their education, the future character of the country continued in the school for working youth.

      Since 1959, Tereshkova was engaged in parachuting. Once Valentina has graduated from the correspondence College of light industry, she became a member of the all-Union Leninist Communist Union of youth.

      “The way she is, of course, was difficult. In early childhood his father died. My mother had three children. They had nothing to feed. Shoes-dress nowhere. And that’s as it should be tempered. She had graduated from College, school seven years. In DOSAAF went, began to jump. Looked everywhere, where as something to show themselves”, – told reporters a friend of Valentina Tereshkova and Alexei Leonov.
      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      In 1962 Sergei Korolev decided to organize the first flight of a woman into space and begins the search for suitable candidates. One of the contenders becomes Valentina Tereshkova. As journalists, in those days, preference was given to the parachutists, because the astronaut had to be able to eject after braking the descent module in the atmosphere. In March of the same Tereshkova becomes the listener of special training courses.


      Valentina Tereshkova concealed his responsible task from their relatives. During the flight, the women could happen, so she signed a non-disclosure agreement information. “Mother, flying to the launch site, I wrote several letters and asked those who remained at the training Center that they are in a few days sent them” – shared later woman.

      In the day of the flight Tereshkova, the news of a landmark for the country the event was announced on TV. Neighbors Helen Feodorovna, mother female astronaut, immediately shared her big news.

      Later, Valentina’s mother met her at the airport. There were members of the government, headed by Nikita Khrushchev. The time Tereshkova remembers now.

      “And suddenly I hear mommy’s loud says: daughter lied to me. I stopped moving for a moment… Well, as mom stands nearby, crying. Then there were hugs and greetings… came Nikita Khrushchev and Alexei Kosygin. Say to mom: “Elena, it’s still in the name of the big secret she didn’t tell you anything”. Mother often recalled this incident that I had deceived her. But that, you know, – so,-good, motherly,” said Valentina.

      It should be noted that Tereshkova felt compelled mother in many ways. According to Valentina Vladimirovna, that the closest person was the reason she decided to become an astronaut. Hero of the Soviet Union calls Elena Fedorovna his loyal friend and assistant. Her death was a real tragedy for Tereshkova.

      “I have lived all my life with my mom. And for me her death – and her mother was seriously ill person, three strokes suffered if to say that was a shock – it is too soft it will be. I could not forgive the Earth that it took my mom,” she says.


      After a few decades after the flight, Valentina Tereshkova became clear that she could die in space. On Board the “Vostok-6” there was an emergency situation. The problem was that the vehicle / equipment is incorrectly programmed.

      “Was an emergency situation which I noticed on the first day. I reported it to Sergey Pavlovich Korolev and Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. The error was that on the descent the program was scheduled to land, a rise in orbit”, – said the woman.
      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      The astronaut immediately reported the error and received new data. It helped her to avoid trouble and land safely. After Valentina Tereshkova returned, she was approached by Sergei Korolev and asked not to tell what had happened. “So I have kept this secret for 30 years,” said the woman during a press conference held in 2013.

      “Star child”: what happened to the girl, who met Gagarin on Earth


      In an interview Valentina Vladimirovna admitted that always wanted to go to Mars. “It was the dream of the first group of astronauts – the flight to the red planet. Oh, if I could put it into practice! Ready to fly there and not even go back!” was all she said.

      Despite the fact that one of the most cherished desires of women never came true, she did not lose hope. In its 80 years of Tereshkova looks amazing and full of energy. In recognition of astronaut, she has received many messages from fans, wishing her happiness and health.

      “The respect and kindness of the people – feelings I after flying for more than 50 years experience. And still get a huge number of letters. Each letter or the joy – invite, got an apartment, recovered the child. Or gratitude for what I have been able to help someone in purchasing drugs, overcome some difficulties, troubles… this also gives me strength” – says Valentina.
      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      Beloved grandmother also support grandchildren – 21-year-old Alex and 12-year-old Andrew. They call a close person. The eldest heir daughter Valentina Vladimirovna served in the army and received the higher education at MSU. As for Alexei, he is still in school. Tereshkova said that he enjoys playing the violin.

      “If my grandmother puts a goal she definitely achieved. I think this is a very useful trait… Not every woman is able to make a solo flight into space,” says Alex, the grandson of Valentina Vladimirovna.
      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      At the moment Valentina Tereshkova working in the post of Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the Federal device and questions of local government in the state Duma. About what now has been legendary female astronaut, filmed a documentary of the First channel “I always look at the stars.”

      “We worked on a bill to protect children from the illegal actions. It was something unique. I am happy that fate gave me this opportunity. We met, talked, explained to each other the pitfalls, She told me: “Alinushka, we are doing the right thing. You can’t go back, no one is listening”. She is such a person achieves, he does his job to the end. So she was the first woman in space,” says Alina Kabaeva.
      «Все - дочка меня обманула». К юбилею Валентины Терешковой: «Чайка» об ошибке во время полета в космос

      According to the materials of the TV channel “Culture”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, RIA Novosti and channel one.