История успеха и борьбы Анастасии Заворотнюк

История успеха и борьбы Анастасии Заворотнюк
Back in the spring of 2019 Anastasia Zavorotnyuk sincerely shared with his fans happiness – the birth of a little girl. Happy
stylish and healthy woman could not get enough of his late motherhood. But after a few months things will change, instead of stories about their happy family idyll appears the headlines about the deadly disease and daily mentions of the upcoming funeral.

Approximately as the heroine of the series “the Perfect nanny” responded Anastasia Zavorotnyuk that in the 33 years he became popular after
performing the role of Victoria Prutkovsky in the TV series “My fair nanny”. This role was a happy ticket to popularity.

“I promised myself that if I didn’t play up to 30 years some iconic role, I will retire!”, — said Zavorotnyuk.
In the personal life of the actress of passion was enough. At 23, she lost it from the impressive German, who met on
a party of friends. He was 12 years older and a week after meeting he proposed to her. Married they went to
Germany. The family idyll lasted little more than a year.

Then she met her second husband Dmitry just on the way home. He offered her a ride and after 4 days made her
offer. Dmitry met all its requirements: rich, successful and attentive. Later it turned out that he loved
to prove their feelings by beating. For family life, she dared to give birth to his son and daughter. From the problems of family life
saved work. At the time she received the role of the nurse in the series and in an instant became popular and successful. At the same time there were rumors that she had an affair with a colleague Sergey Zhigunov.

История успеха и борьбы Анастасии Заворотнюк

First, they have long denied the rumors, but murder will out. For Nastya Zhigunov left his wife, with whom he lived for a dozen years, and she’s the father of my children. Meanwhile, its popularity grew. During the filming one of the shows she met her great love, a figure skater Peter Chernyshev. It tells the actress, she first fell in love with his eyes and his talent. They immediately realized that created for each other despite previous relationships.

The gap with Zhigunov was Zavorotnyuk is very complicated. But no matter who the couple were married. The only thing they are upset – no overall children did not get their start.

But after 11 years of marriage 47 Anastasia gave birth to a daughter. Rumor has it that the child was born through artificial insemination, but the couple has not commented on these rumors, and just enjoyed life.

But in an instant all was turned on its head when there were suspicions that she is very sick. Fueled by rumors that
the actress has canceled a tour and stopped appearing at social events. Rumor has it that Anastasia is in the hospital in
Poland, which is struggling with brain cancer stage 4, and in the early autumn there appeared the information that the condition is critical. According to rumors, the cause of the disease was the IVF procedure, which was used by the actress in order to get pregnant. Also possible cause is the use of facial rejuvenation with stem cells, which was also used Anastasia. But whatever the cause as an actress is extremely difficult. Relatives did not comment on the as Anastasia. I hope for the speedy recovery of actress and only good news about it in the media.

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