Звезду КВН зарезали в баре 21 July in the Kazakh city of Aktau was killed by a former participant of KVN 32-year-old Daniyar Alimbaev. The man died from the received stab wounds during street fight.
Звезду КВН зарезали в баре

In the Kazakh city of Aktau was a tragedy — killed 32-year-old ex-member of the national team of KVN of Aktobe. Last night Daniyar Alimbaev rested in the bar, when near schools scuffle ensued. Despite the fact that the man was just standing on the sidelines, one of the assailants stabbed him with a knife in the leg. Bleeding the artist was taken to hospital in a critical condition — he had damaged arteries and veins. Doctors conducted emergency surgery, after which the victim was transferred to the intensive care unit where, despite all efforts of experts, has died.

From Daniyar is survived by his wife and four children.

“Daniyar stood in the way but he got. One of the offenders stabbed him in the leg, as well as a hit of Denis ten. He was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. He lost a lot of blood,” said a friend of the deceased.

Law enforcement agencies began the investigation of another tragedy that befell Kazakhstan. According to local media, the criminals already detained there were three of them, all of them residents of Aktau.

Daniyar Alimbayev was born in Aktau, graduated from the technical faculty of Aktobe regional state University named after Zhubanov. He was fond of chess, played poker, was an active member of the local KVN. Included in the team of the city, and then the team of the Western Kazakhstan, in which participated at the festival in Sochi.

Two days ago in Kazakhstan with a knife killed the outstanding figure skater, bronze medalist of the 2014 Olympics, Denis ten. 25-year-old also became the victim of a street brawl — he was wounded in the thigh when he attempted to prevent the attackers to twist the mirror of his car. Champion was taken to hospital where he died from loss of blood.

“Needed the money”: the criminals are told why killed Denis ten

Death Daniyar Alimbaev — the world’s first WHC for the last time. In early July it became known about the death star Ossetian team “Pyramid” Aslan Alborov. According to investigators, 33-year-old member of the “club” had committed suicide — he hanged himself in a recreation center in Vladikavkaz.

Became known the details of the suicide of a star of KVN