«Нужны были деньги»: преступники рассказали, почему убили Дениса Тена In Almaty the police interrogated the suspects in the murder of Denis ten. Previously convicted young men confessed to the crime and assured the representatives of law and order, that their main purpose was theft. In addition, they only later learned that the victim is a famous skater.
«Нужны были деньги»: преступники рассказали, почему убили Дениса Тена

On July 19 in Almaty there was a terrible murder of 25 – year-old figure skater Denis ten was stabbed during attempted robbery. The attackers tried to remove the mirror from his car. Trying to stop criminals, the athlete received several stab wounds in the thigh which proved fatal.

The next day, the police of Almaty detained suspects. They were 24-year-old Nurali kiesow and 23-year-old Arman Kudaibergenov. The latter, according to investigators, and struck the athlete. The criminals admitted that they didn’t know their victim was a famous skater, and didn’t want to kill him.

Tatiana Tarasova called lawlessness skater tena’s death during a robbery

“The detainees were told that they needed the money. He had the idea to steal the mirror. At this time, the owner came out of the machine. There was a scuffle, during which he stabbed. Say they didn’t know what attacked the Denis ten. That their victim was Denis Ten, – learned from the Internet”, – said the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty Serik Kudabaev.

As reported in the Kazakhstan police, the two perpetrators were previously convicted and were registered to a stolen car. Now criminal case under article “Murder”, reports tengrinews.kz

Today in the capital of Kazakhstan said farewell to murdered Denis Ten. A memorial service was held in the Palace of sports Baluan Sholak, which brought together almost the entire city. At the farewell ceremony were the heads of sports federations of Kazakhstan, athletes, and politicians. To celebrate the life of the athlete has come thousands of fans of figure skating, people carrying wreaths, pictures and posters of Denis ten. The coffin, covered with the flag of the country, brought out the applause of the audience.

Together with Kazakhstan mourns the whole world of figure skating. Express your condolences by famous Russian athletes and artists. They do not hide the pain of loss. Those who were familiar with Denis Ten, Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Totmianina, Evgeni Plushenko and many others are sincerely concerned about the loss. They believe that criminals will be punished to the fullest extent.

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