Печальное зрелище: как выглядит сейчас звезда «Твин Пикса»
What has become of the former fatal beauty?

Печальное зрелище: как выглядит сейчас звезда «Твин Пикса»

Lara Flynn Boyle in the TV series “twin Peaks»

Photo: OutNow

Lara Flynn Boyle


Fans of Lara Flynn Boyle, who became famous
once thanks to her role in cult TV series “twin Peaks”, was unpleasantly
struck by photos of his idol, which appeared recently in the media. This picture
was taken by paparazzi in the Parking lot of a supermarket in Westwood (CA).

To know once fatal beauty Lara was
almost impossible: puffy face, bags under the eyes, double chin. Dressed
she was also quite casually in
the shabby coat of beige color, it’s not new Jersey and of the same kind
cropped trousers. But the saddest thing about this story was that when Lara
I sat in my car, she took from the bag a bottle of whiskey “Red Label»
and thoroughly to her “kissed”. But according to the laws of the state of California,
consumption of alcohol is prohibited not only to drivers (and the actress was driving),
to drink alcoholic beverages in the car is not permitted even passengers!

It seems that negative changes in appearance
actress are directly related to the occupation for which he got her to reporters. In any
case, Lara looked exactly as if she abused alcohol.

That’s possible.,
Flynn Boyle tries to find consolation in wine for about a stalled career. After
“Twin peaks”, she was able to star in another popular TV show — “the Practice»,
but after 2004, the series ceased to exist, the special
achievements she was not. And if in the 90s she was considered a real star,
after the closing of “Practice” on it gradually started to forget. The last major
role Lara had a chance to play in the film Luсky Dog, released 4 years ago.

Once Lara attracted the attention not
only his acting talent, but also a loud novels. Among her Boyfriends
was Kyle MacLachlan (with whom she lived for 2 years), David spade and even Jack Nicholson,
who was older than Lara by as much as 33 years!
Lara was so pretty, I could get almost any man,
which she liked. Alas, beauty is almost nothing left…