Елена Захарова получила предложение руки и сердца
The actress openly spoke about the tragedy in her life and how she’s happy now.

Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova, who became a mother at the end of last year,
may soon marry. She received a proposal of marriage from her
lover hides. “Right next to me and generous man. And I can say, is the quality of character of financial wealth is not affected,” shared the star. This
news, the actress shared with the YouTube Koschevnikovi came to live it
the program “Destiny of man”.

“I made a proposal
and heart, but I still think,” he answered the question Zakharova. All program Elena
said through tears, Recalling the terrible ordeal through which she
had to go… “I gave birth to a daughter… Now it is tears of happiness, I can’t say, sorry…
I’ll be fine,” — said during the program Zakharova. — When I lost my first child, I had
fear that I’ll never be a mom. I don’t know the city, no matter where I went
in the temple nor prayed for a child”.

Told Zakharov about
a terrible breakup with the father of her first daughter Masha, who died at the age of
eight months. “We were not officially married,
I can’t even blame Sergey that happened. Then all decided his mother,
it is fully controlled, — recalls the actress. — Sergei’s mother accused me of
what I was trying to be promoted
on the death of his daughter. I have nothing worse and more stupid in my life heard. Barely 40
days as I was asked to pick up things from Masha’s apartment, as his family
was going to immediately start to rent the apartment to other tenants. I asked you to wait them out, told them 40
days, this is wrong, not Christian, but the relatives of Sergei said, “No,
the apartment we need to take right now…»

Zakharov hopes that she
will be able to have another baby. “To be honest, I’d like to have another baby. I hope so.,
what is the age of childbearing can be up to 50. Of course, I didn’t mean
tighten, but God willing — I’ll be happy,” — admitted the actress.