A pregnant Milana Kerzhakova died dad

У беременной Миланы Кержаковой скончался папа
According to the media in St. Petersburg died the father of the wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov, Senator Vadim Tulpanov.

У беременной Миланы Кержаковой скончался папа

Journalists report that the man hit his head by slipping in the bath.

Some time before this incident, the Senator paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in the subway of St. Petersburg.

У беременной Миланы Кержаковой скончался папа

“Terrorism — a threat to the world, and we must understand that we are at war. Petersburg did not know of such a threat for many years… Need more time to fully analyze the existing counter-terrorism methods — legal, power, and technical. Maybe, the decision to use new ways of countering the terrorist threat. It is obvious that it is necessary. Neglected in this case cannot,” wrote the press service of the Senator with his words.

I hope that the tragedy will not affect the health of a pregnant Milana Kerzhakova.

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