A pregnant Duchess Catherine is already preparing for childbirth

Беременная герцогиня Кэтрин уже готовится к родам
The wife of Prince William had agreed with the doctors.

Kate Middleton and Prince William


The Duchess of Cambridge has already managed to become famous that
did not believe in omens. She’s wearing jewelry
tragically lost Princess Diana and is not afraid to agree about the birth plan
while in the early period of his “interesting situation”.

Reportedly, Catherine, the pregnancy which is just
only about three months, has already begun active preparation for childbirth. As it became
you know, she’s already decided that it will be to give birth there, where she made
the light of his eldest children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte. And
pre-arranged that for her in April when she
the doctors should give birth to a third child – will be booked
a whole wing of the London hospital St Mary’s Hospital. Took care of the Duchess and
that the doctors who delivered her son in the first and second times, in advance
released for no place in your schedule. We are talking about the obstetrician guy Thorpe-Bistone
and Dr. Alan Farthing. She even persuaded the Farting that was going to go in
retire to postpone it to attend the birth of a third child Katherine.

While the doctor is considered a specialist
childbirth with complications, the wife of Prince William has reason to hope that his assistance in
as she did not need. After the birth of Charlotte, passed under his
the care was just perfect. Not only that, they passed without problems
Catherine gave birth to surprisingly quickly: she arrived at the hospital at six in the morning and
two and a half hours later, gave birth to little Charlotte.

By the way, as it became known, the two older kids and
George and Charlotte are already aware that they have in the spring will have a brother or
sister and overwhelmed mother with questions: is this a girl or a boy. Curious
reporters, too, trying to find the answer to this question, already several times
trying to discern the color of the dresses, in which Katherine appears in public
a hint of the sex of the baby. But they are absolutely confused, and clothed in
blue, then pink. Although, quite possibly, the Duchess still does not know
who exactly she was born.