Снимок Джорджа Буша-младшего и Хиллари Клинтон вызвал неоднозначную реакцию общества

The picture smiling and hugging Hillary Clinton and George Bushmade at the funeral of former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died March 6, caused a controversial reaction in society.

Former President of America and former first lady (and maybe even the future President) thought it his duty to say goodbye to the widow of Ronald Reagan. Trapped in the media a picture taken by a senior member of CNN David Kalyanam, has already sparked controversy on the network. And it’s not the inappropriateness of smiles on this sad event – George and Hillary has always been considered ideological opponents.
Network users are divided into two camps: one saw in those arms of compassion, unity and cooperation, while others were outraged to the limit. It has become clear that political elites, whatever they say to the electorate, will always be friends, and indicative of their feud is nothing more than a “show for the commoners”.
Recall that Nancy Reagan was buried at the Presidential library named after Ronald Reagan in California. To say goodbye to her about a thousand people came.

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