A new trend or failure: hairstyles of stars that surprised you

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили Popular actress, singer and TV presenters always try to look in accordance with the latest trends. Celebrity haircuts change, increase hair or using wigs for performances. Fans follow the idols experiments and discuss their transformation. At times, the images of celebrities are subjected to harsh criticism.
Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

Celebrities love to experiment with their look. Easiest stars to get a new haircut or dye your hair, however, sometimes following this, the artist change the wardrobe, and even a music style. Someone is taking these measures as this is required for their new role in a movie or attend a concert, and others go to Transfiguration, to forget the painful events that happened in their lives. “StarHit” decided to talk about the latest experiments of the celebrities who have not always been successful.

Maria Maksakova

Opera diva, whose name recently regularly appears in the media, much has changed. Maria Maksakova said goodbye to the blond curls, who for many years was her calling card, and preferred short hair like a boy with asymmetrical bangs.

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

Youth image really is Mary, who recently lost a few pounds. She Maksakova says that not even been on a diet. It acquired thinness is the consequence of heavy feelings associated with the loss of her beloved husband, Denis Boronenkov.

However, fans felt that a similar experiment with hair color artist. Some fans wrote to the star that the Barber had been part of the wrong, and the hair does not paint it. But most subscribers praised Mary for a change.

Opera diva returns to work. She regularly rehearses, trains the voice, learning a new party. However, in an interview with the woman admits to still can not come to terms with the death of a loved one. Probably the appearance changes in the image of Mary is the first steps towards a new life.

Thinner Maria Maksakova was surprised hair like a boy


It would seem that everything is already accustomed to outrageous experiments Anastasia Volochkova and her candid photos. However, the dancer knows how to surprise the audience. Recently, the actress once again impressed the public.

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

Anastasia decided to abandon the usual appearance. For most of his career, the star wore a sleek updo with pulled back hair. Sometimes in a candid photoshoot can be seen with curly hair medium length. And suddenly the star dramatically changes the style: the stylist twirled her strands of the person, and the rest left straight.

As noted by fans, after the change of hairstyle Volochkova began to behave differently. Ballerina, previously often published pictures of the Topless or in skimpy outfits, began to appear in public in modest dress covering the shoulders.

Elina Chamber

Participant of “House-2” all of a sudden of a gentle blonde turned to the burning brunette. And she wasn’t trying to draw attention to his person. The makeover resulted in a revaluation of values.

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

She said model, after a trip to the US, she look at many things. Reassessment of events and led to an external transformation. Members appreciated the new image of a star. Following the style changed and the behavior of celebrities. Elina has imposed a taboo on talking about his personal life.

“Frankly, I’m tired of gossip and rumors about me. I don’t know where people take that. Sometimes even interesting to read about what I had no idea… I wanted to get away from everything for a little while. Now for me the priority is my daughter Sasha. About my personal life I will not tell. Absolutely agree with the statement that happiness loves silence,” she admitted in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

Irina Toneva

The soloist of group “Factory” quite often experimenting with his looks. A natural blonde with brown hair by nature, over the past few years managed to paint them in red, in red, in black, and even purple.

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

Each time the followers were delighted with her taste and courage. However, when the star became a platinum blond, fans realized that it is not the rebelliousness and love of change. Irina Toneva met the man of her dreams! Love led the girl to create a new image, which, as noted by the subscribers microblog, she really is. His chosen singer hid for a long time. The wedding to 27-year-old choreographer Alexei Brigitte also took place secretly.

Irina Toneva secretly married a dancer

Svetlana Kamynina

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

Star “Interns” Svetlana Kamynina also decided to become a blonde. The actress impressed the followers with the with blond hair in Instagram. Now her image reminds the fans of the style of Marilyn Monroe, as Svetlana prefers to tuck the strands into waves. In addition, the actress made a major hair which had almost not worn. However, unlike his fellow celebrity has created a new image not because of the thirst for change in her life. The actress is preparing for a new role in the film. And she had to do to get my hair to be as similar to your character. However, details about participation in the new project, she said.

Elena Korikova

Star of the TV series “Poor Nastya” over the past year several times to change the image. She had to go to such measures at the request of the Directors. Role in the play “Love descends suddenly” obliged to dye my hair.

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

So, for example, known to his fans as platinum blonde, Korikova a few months ago all of a sudden became a redhead. Role in the play “Love descends suddenly” obliged! Recently, however, Lena has again become a blonde. It’s amazing how the Director allowed her to take this step, because it will continue to perform in the troupe. Likely, celebrities will have to resort to wigs and hairpieces.

Tatyana Larina

The star of “the battle of psychics” some time ago I had a big shock in my personal life. Quarrel with her beloved husband Julius Mydevice-Dalecki and worrying about discord in the relationship was reflected in the appearance of the stars.

Новый тренд или провал: прически звезд, которые вас удивили

First, her entourage said that Tanya was different to dress. Then subscribers microblog saw to replace traditional black color of the witch came in bright colors and shades. Larina became more feminine and soft, dressed in white dresses with images of flowers and soft patterns. True, the witch doesn’t explain what has caused the transformation in appearance. Issues of personal life, a woman tries to none to discuss. The star of “the battle of psychics” Tatyana Larina broke up with her husband

Victoria Bonia

Star loves to experiment with appearance, in particular, to change the color of your hair. In March this year, Victoria decided on another change of image. Then Bonia broke up with her civil husband, businessman Alex Smerfit. Presenter first, increase hair and became the owner of lush hair. After a while she wanted to return to a more natural way, but make it a little brighter. Vic said goodbye with artificial braids and painted their hair pink.

“I’m glad that many liked my experiment. After all, you have my cranky readers, you rarely can end. I still love you, meanie mine! I know you love me, too,” wrote the star blog.

And after a couple of months and it Victoria seemed inappropriate. Again she was blonde. At the Cannes film festival fans saw the TV such that you once loved. But the followers always appreciate the desire of women to be different and look forward to new photos in Instagram. Arriving in Monaco, the model is re-tinted hair pink.