Новую участницу «Дома-2» считают «клоном» Элины Камирен Come on may 23 to project Maria Tuleyev immediately aroused interest on the part of men of the reality show and from the audience. Many believe that a girl very similar to Elina, Kamiren, which left telestroke at the end of 2015.

      Новую участницу «Дома-2» считают «клоном» Элины Камирен

      Not so long ago on the project “House-2” appeared striking blonde Maria Tuleyev. The girl became a member of the reality show at the end of may and has already caught the fancy of the audience by their spectacular appearance. However, some fans of the program compared with the girl who left the project Elina, Kamiren. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have not been able to continue the relationship with the father of her child Alexander Zadoinov, so now raising a daughter alone. Elina, Kamiren showed the rented apartment where he lives with his daughter

      The official blog of the project “Dom-2” fans of the show appreciated the new participant Tuleyev, and, after looking at her photographs, I noticed that it resembles the appearance of Elina. “Something on Kamiren similar. Type one, and in the early years, that is,” wrote the Internet users. Both blondes are the owners of luxury bust, slim waist and long legs. A similarity between the girls can be seen by comparing their profile photos. Some viewers even called Tuleyev “clone”, Kamiren. According to fans of the reality show, over the bodies of both participating in job plastic surgeons.

      Новую участницу «Дома-2» считают «клоном» Элины Камирен

      Maria Tuleyev native of Izhevsk, but has been living in different countries. Contestant of the show had to go to USA, Singapore, Monaco and France. Spectacular blonde came to the project “Dom-2”, to fight for the heart of Andrei Cherkasov. First, one of the most popular men of the reality show interested in the new girl, but then they realized that their views on relationships are not the same. Andrei Cherkasov brought to light a new love

      “He couldn’t decide between me and Nastya. It bothered me, and I switched over to Timur, who showed a liking to me from day one. Tim is very nice guy, but I was bored with him, so we parted ways. At the moment I am alone, and unfortunately, the male in the bedroom anyone don’t consider, I’m waiting for my man! I like ambitious and intelligent boys,” he wrote in his blog Tuleyev after she did not have a romance with another member of telestroke Timur Garafutdinova.

      Recall that Kamiren, Elina left the project in December 2015. Outside the perimeter of telestroke star “House-2” settled with her partner Alexander Zagajnovym and their daughter Sasha in a rented apartment. However, family life couple didn’t work out and they broke up. Elina claims that while participating in a reality show she understood, that it is unlikely that their relationship with Zagajnovym has a future. Kamiren, said that Alexander didn’t throw her, and their parting was quite peaceful. He comes to visit and speaks with her daughter Sasha.

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