Новый состав группы «Звери» представят уже в сентябре

Until the end of June, the popular band will be performing with his old team.

Last weekend, the guitarist of popular team wrote in a social network message about what he and his colleagues are looking for a new job. Fans of the band in horror: is the “beast” ceased to exist?

“Attention! Experienced and played a part (EX-band) of three people: Michael Brim – drums, Alex Lyubchik – bass, Maxim Leonov guitar, looking for a permanent job. Along about ten years old, play practically all know each other through and through. Primarily interested in working on a permanent basis” – a message left on his page in the social network of Maxim Leonov, the guitarist of group “Beasts”.

Fans literally fell into hysterics: is my favorite band broke up? Surely it will not be longer?

Fueled interest and that Leonov about the reasons for the departure of three people from the group said nothing. Had a fight? It is possible, because we all know that the leader of the group Roman Bilyk is a very complicated man. On the other hand, what might be unsaid, after so many years of working together? Group “Beasts” Roman Bilyk created in 2001. Michael Edges joined her in 2002, Maxim Leonov (2003), and Alex Lyubchik – in 2007. So many years together, and here you – quit! Woman’s Day asked the Director what was the matter.

“All the musicians have contracts that tend to bleed. At the expiration of his contract or extend or not at the request of the frontman or the band themselves, – told the correspondent of Woman’s Day Director of group “Beasts” Lera Agapov. — “Bi-2” a few years ago completely changed team, “Mumiy Troll” was also upgraded. Why is this so? Why now so much attention? The group will not fall apart, a novel healthy and most importantly, after all the group belongs to him. In September we will introduce a new lineup of musicians. In the old composition of the group will give two concerts: on June 18 at the Green theatre and 25 June in St. Petersburg”.

By the way, in addition to guarding Roman Bilyk group will remain keyboardist Vyacheslav Zaruba, who came into the team in 2007 simultaneously with Aleksey Lyubchik.

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