A lawyer from Moscow takes a vacation to work free Santa Claus

Юрист из Москвы берет отпуск, чтобы поработать бесплатным Дедом Морозом Colleagues do not suspect, why Nikolay Petrov every year off a week before December 31. The pros are obvious: they with the snow Maiden work all holidays. This means that it is not necessary to search for gifts and wonder where to celebrate the holiday. But it’s certainly not the most important.
Юрист из Москвы берет отпуск, чтобы поработать бесплатным Дедом Морозом

“Christmas tree!” – cheered the young patients. This happiness in their complicated lives could not be – the sponsor refused to pay his congratulations to children Metropolitan rehabilitation center. But a miracle happened: in red coat, white beard and sack of gifts came Santa Claus. With The Snow Maiden! To fulfill the dream of a real holiday was Nikolai Petrov and his friend Tatiana. “This story happened on the eve of 2014 – says the hero. – At the hottest time was called by a representative Director of the centre (our phone gave him a satisfied customer) and explained the situation. Before that we were not. Had half a minute to look at the schedule and saw the window to give consent. When entering the room was greeted by 30 enthusiastic children, our appearance was a surprise to them. Children was a difficult one, who is in a wheelchair, who is on crutches, and who is lying. All of five to ten years. We read out the greetings, the kids said poems, cheered and clapped. Enthusiastic reaction made his way to the shivers! It was noticeable for them, such a wonder. Step out from the center, agreed with Tanya – now, do the charity events permanent”.

Secret operation

The last 10 years Petrov worked as a lawyer in the office no one even suspects why every year a week before Dec 31, he takes a vacation. To loved ones no need to make excuses – with his wife long gone, and the son his own family. “Every man is experiencing in the life of three periods: when he believes in Santa Claus, when you do not believe and when he gets them, explains 49-year-old hero. – I went to the third stage. The main role was played by the acquaintance with Tatiana in 2012. By that time she already worked for several years the snow Maiden. We got to talking about the intricacies of “profession”, and I realized – I want to try! Later found in a new lesson, a lot of advantages: for example, we work all holidays, even new year’s eve. So, no need to look for gifts to puzzle out where to celebrate a holiday, or buying expensive. I don’t drink, so feast uninteresting”.

The Santa costume and beard Nicholas bought at the store. No training Petrov did not pass. Useful creativity to write poetry. The gift helps to make an exclusive program-congratulations. Customers apply directly through the Agency “Morozko”. Fabulous gifts you want to not only kids, but adults, they call for party…

“Once there was a funny incident – says Petrov. – In early December, the number ten, called the foreigners. Explained the situation, saying that after a couple days of leave and want a little taste of Russian romance – to celebrate the New year in all traditions. We came to them. They were so happy, clapping… It was the early custom in my practice.”

Faith in good

Nicholas and Tanya has kept the promise made on the eve of 2014, since magic heroes spend from five to eight free performances in hospitals, orphanages. The pair even participated in the charity marathon “Trail”. Its purpose is to congratulate as many of the guys in the eve of 31 December. “This gives the work a special meaning and allows you to feel needed, says the man. – If you don’t come to kids, who will be happy… How to live in peace after he left a children’s party? But even in doing good there are problems. For example, when we learn that some organizations need help and offer it, not all take, you know? Don’t believe that it really is free of charge. People are now always looking for trouble… the Main problem is that the Grandfather frost with the snow Maiden can’t come empty-handed, say – say, looking for presents under a Christmas tree. We have to have a bag with gifts. But wanting to put these in there, in other words, sponsors often don’t have. We are not rich. Try to bring at least cookies and candy. It’s sad, children are not to blame for the problems of adults… But every year we still believe in miracles.”