Группа IOWA представила душераздирающий клип "Маяки"
22 Nov 2019 on the Youtube channel of the group of IOWA was presented the video “Lighthouses”.

Группа IOWA представила душераздирающий клип "Маяки"

A few days the video has gained over 1 million views and rave reviews. Including people touched by the words of Rita Dakota, which compared it with the legendary video clips of today.

Группа IOWA представила душераздирающий клип "Маяки"

“Sometimes a man needs to sing a hundred “simple songs” about “the bus” to her millions, which one day you can sing “Beacons”, and they WILL be HEARD.
This is my friend Kate @katya_iowa and one of the greatest songs that were created in Russian popular music, in my humble opinion. There somewhere, “Samsara” Basta. There’s still a few songs, just a few…
The power of creativity is that you can make a person FEEL all the things he couldn’t UNDERSTAND, even after dozens of hours researching articles, viewing of social videos and reading available thematic materials. This is the reason and I will sing your Tenderness Tsunami Mantra and a new song “Body” which will be released on the album. If music opens the heart, she sometimes fills in there and love. How to “expand the audience”, then to sing such things to her, this is about the other, but in eternity will be exactly that.”

By the way, Kate herself said that currently participates in a joint project with Maxim Vitorgan. The details of the work are kept secret:

A clip of IOWA – “the beacon”:

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