A friend of Alena Shishkova ridiculed her in front of everyone

Друг Алены Шишковой высмеял её перед всеми
Alena Shishkova spotted on vacation in Dubai with a nice young man by Denis Ionov, who has put the blonde in a very uncomfortable position.

Друг Алены Шишковой высмеял её перед всеми

The blog of Denis was published a picture, which was filled with vulgar toilet humor.

In the picture Alena is booty to the camera, between the legs of the Cone wet, but in the hands of the watermelon.

Друг Алены Шишковой высмеял её перед всеми

It is clear that it is from a swimsuit, but Dennis decided to make a joke differently:

“@missalena.92, give melon, you’ve had enough… or is it a wet bathing suit?”
– wrote in his Instagram Ions.

In addition to the “phlegm” between the legs, for some reason was distorted nostrils Shishkova, which can fly into the train.

In General, it is not very clear what such jokes and how to respond to them…

Have you any opinion?

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