Дерматолог Ким Кардашьян и Бейонсе рассказал, какие процедуры звезды делают перед церемонией "Оскар"

We all of course know that well-groomed appearance of stars – the result of constant work on oneself, proper nutrition, sports and expensive cosmetics. But even this is not enough for the main event of the year – ceremony of awarding the “Oscar” – to look your best. So celebrities seek the help of star dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, whose clients among Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and other red carpet regulars.

On the eve of the ceremony “Oscar-2016,” Dr. Lancer told what treatments at his clinic prefer to see Hollywood stars in a blinding light cameras do not get trapped and look perfect.

Dr. Lancer says that celebrity clients he’s got a lot always, but before the main ceremonies, their number increases. According to the dermatologist at the track last of the “Golden globe” left 34 people over the appearance which he worked. On “Oscar” Dr. Lancer expects to see 28 of its customers.

Harold Lancer also emphasizes that among held before important events procedures not mentioned surgical facelift. The purpose is to restore skin elasticity and tighten it using other methods. That’s what.

Three months before the Oscar

Three months before the “Oscar” Dr. Lancer is beginning to enter its customers fillers in the face, but the dose is twice less than usual – this is because the star needs to look natural in front of cameras.

Everyone wants to look younger, but no one wants to look like a victim of plastic surgery,

says Dr. star.

Дерматолог Ким Кардашьян и Бейонсе рассказал, какие процедуры звезды делают перед церемонией "Оскар"
Kate Winslet

A month before the “Oscar”

Begins work on the body, as the face, hands, shoulders, decollete and everything else must look as good. Harold Lancer it is recognized that the stylists of the stars tell him which dress will be the celebrities and what parts of the body will be naked – depends on what areas the doctor will work.

Dr. Lancer emphasizes that if a man constantly leads a healthy lifestyle, it greatly simplifies his task to bring his appearance in order:

If a person plays sports, the more often I see that it is not necessary to use additional fillers or type fat. Nutritionists and coaches care about the diet of the stars contained less salt and carbohydrates – this helps. The point isn’t to make a person visually more lean and slender, but his body and face looked even and smooth.

According to the doctor, even stars have to deal with cellulite, and they do it with it as follows:

To combat cellulite we use a Legacy device that uses radio frequency to smooth skin texture – this procedure starting to do about a month before the “Oscar” with periodicity one-two times a week.

Дерматолог Ким Кардашьян и Бейонсе рассказал, какие процедуры звезды делают перед церемонией "Оскар"

Six weeks before “the Oscars”

By this time the most important procedures already done. Begins a more detailed and accurate work:

Now we use the Termage and Fraxel devices that work with the help of microneedles. These procedures are carried out every two weeks.

Another procedure that we do – PicoWay. It lasts 2-3 hours and uses very fast infrared frequencies. The result is a narrowing of pores, increase collagen production, the skin becomes more taut.

Three weeks before the Oscars

To “Oscar” there are very few, but work on the appearance of the stars continues. Three weeks before the ceremony, the clients Herold Lancer pass the following procedures:

Now it has become a very popular procedure called Silhouette Instalift. It tightens the skin, but this is not a surgical operation. It’s a facel, which lifts the skin and there is no need to cut anything off It is suitable for those who already have done surgical facelift, but the effect has become weaker. The effect of this procedure lasts from 6 to 12 months.

Дерматолог Ким Кардашьян и Бейонсе рассказал, какие процедуры звезды делают перед церемонией "Оскар"
Kim Kardashian

A few days before the “Oscar”

Serious treatments do anymore, because on the red carpet the beauty of the stars should look natural. Therefore, in the course are the most gentle, but no less effective means.

We make our clients mask using stem cells. Another procedure that can be done at the last moment, is called Microthreading. We also use a filament but they have a different composition. After Microthreading virtually no bruising. The effect lasts from 6 to 8 months. We perform this procedure when you want to improve skin texture and smooth out the traces of scars or acne,

says Gerold Lancer.

The doctor stresses that his work aims primarily at restoring natural beauty, and not on radical change in appearance. The doctor is sure that every patient is his calling card, and if something goes wrong, it’s a stain on his reputation. So, no wonder that your face and body celebrities before Oscar trust him.

Дерматолог Ким Кардашьян и Бейонсе рассказал, какие процедуры звезды делают перед церемонией "Оскар"
Charlize Theron

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