Случайный прохожий рассказал, как пытался спасти жизнь сына Андрея Разина Details became known of the death of the heir to the famed producer. The doctor appeared on the scene, when just passing through, has shared details of the incident. According to the man, he managed to restore the heart rhythm of the son of Andrei Razin, and then he handed the young man in the hands of the brigade arrived the ambulance.

      Случайный прохожий рассказал, как пытался спасти жизнь сына Андрея Разина

      On the eve it became known that Andrey Razin lost 16-year-old son. The wife of producer Natalia Granovskaya said on his page on the social network in their house trouble came. Razin himself of the details did not disclose, limiting short post in the microblog. “The last photo with my son. The Kingdom of heaven, Sashulya,” so Andrew signed a joint frame with the son. As it became known, at the time of the tragedy the young man was on a date with a girl. While walking with a companion Sasha had a heart attack. By coincidence amongst strangers passers-by who saw the boy in the last minutes of his life, was a doctor Alexey Kashcheev.

      On the same day in his microblog, he told about the incident. Interestingly, at that time, the man even didn’t know who was trying to help. According to the memoirs of a physician, two times the guy managed to temporarily recover your heart rate, but both attempts failed. After some time he was transferred to the ambulance.

      16-year-old son of Andrei Razin died

      Случайный прохожий рассказал, как пытался спасти жизнь сына Андрея Разина

      Alexey Kashcheev did not know that on that fateful day, ended the life of the heir producer Andrey Razin. That is why he gave his readers practical advice on how to behave in a situation, the witness of which he became personally. He wanted to tell the followers how to more effectively help in the deterioration of the patient. Probably the medic made such conclusions because in their professional practice are often faced with such cases. Note that after some time, Kashcheev has posted on his page the other post. He noted that he was very surprised to learn that he had that day help Sasha Razin.

      Случайный прохожий рассказал, как пытался спасти жизнь сына Андрея Разина“I wonder the coincidences that happen in life. It turns out that young man the day before yesterday evening I tried to revive on the street, the son of Andrei Razin, the producer of group “Tender may”. Unfortunately, to rescue it subsequently failed,” – wrote in the microblog Alexei.
      Случайный прохожий рассказал, как пытался спасти жизнь сына Андрея Разина

      Meanwhile, social networks relatives and friends of the boy continues to Express his condolences and to publish in their accounts pictures with Sasha. For everyone who knew him, this news was a real shock. A relative of the young man Anna has shared a few shots on which Razin, Jr., smiling and showcasing a love of life.

      Not left behind and friends of a teenager who has also published a few photos with a friend. It’s still hard to talk about what happened, they can’t believe that such a thing could happen. “I have no words”, “How is that even possible! I can’t believe”, “Sanya, you’re the best man, was. And a real friend! Let the earth you rest in peace!” – posted by guy friends in the Network.

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      “I am very hurt to say something. I didn’t know Sasha, but we spoke occasionally, he was always thoughtful, interesting sobesednikom. Constantly invited to walk, sometimes it worked out, but not always. Not know it with certainty had a lot of plans. I wish I could have known him better. Sorry family!” – said “StarHit” friend Sasha Christine.

      The boy’s relatives claim that the boy had no health problems. On the contrary, he led an active life, was engaged in several sports and tried not to miss school. Sasha plans to have admission to MSU, he went to school with profound studying of English language. Among other things, the son of the producer was even interested in art. Most recently, he managed to paint two pictures.

      The family of Andrew Razin is not easy to accept the loss of a beloved heir. The producer spent a lot of time with my son. He was born in 2001, from his marriage to third wife Faina resinol. Despite the fact that Andrew divorced woman in 2012, he still continued to maintain a strong relationship with Sasha to the last day of his life tried to be there and to help the heir.