9-year-old daughter Glyuk’ozy first ride in public transport

9-летняя дочка Глюк'оZы впервые прокатилась в общественном транспорте
Lydia with her star mom went down into the Moscow metro.

Natalia Ionova with her daughter Lydia

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova Instagram Natalia Ionova

The children of Russian celebrities mostly traveled by car with a personal driver, however there are to this rule and the exceptions. Here, for example, in the days of traffic jams in Moscow made Natalia Ionova 9-year-old daughter down in the Moscow subway. And if the singer, by his own admission, occasionally use public transport to heiress this trip was the first in my life.

Lydia, according to published her star mom picture, remains of the Moscow metro in admiration. However, fans of the Russian singer was a little confused by the appearance of their idol. Natalie your style called “Babkin” and admitted that she dressed made her desire to blend in. Apparently, the singer is sure: in this outfit to see her lover Frank outfits and pictures will be impossible.

Under a little criticism got and the style of her daughter. Sport suit, wear a pair of rubber boots and a disheveled hairdo not particularly impressed with the subscribers of the star. However, photos of Natalia often come under the criticism of ill-wishers, which she probably already had time to get used to.

Meanwhile, a few days ago Ionova has organized a Grand party on the occasion of her youngest daughter, Faith. The culmination of the holiday was the incredible cake, which was decorated with figures of the Golden carriage and the Princess.