80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына Today, January 25, his birthday be celebrated Vladimir Semenovich – the one whose voice is still loved by millions. His successor Nikita Vysotsky told about the things of the father, which he donated to the Museum of the poet.
80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына


“All dad had seven tools. This is an expensive instance of the wizard Shulyakovskaya. Then, in the second half of the 70s, it cost dad a lot of money – about two thousand rubles. In memory POPs up the image as he sits in a chair, something quietly strumming… In 1979 at one of the concerts someone has been kind enough to “help” the Beatles – then among the musicians discussed how upset he plays the guitar, the notes “float”. While the contractor’s was not in the dressing room, the instrument twirled splitting. He came on the scene, took the first chord, he began to sing and… stopped. Dissolved strings, achieved his desired sound and then continued. And finished, rushed backstage, furiously searching for who did it. Not confessed… First guitar along with a tutorial father received as a gift from my mother for 16 years. Set up and began to play. But then, of course, improved, do not hesitate to ask a friend to show him new chords”.

80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына


“A modest piece of furniture as proof that the bard lived a wealthy life, standing in my grandmother’s house Nina maksimovny in Cheryomushki district in which his father moved in 1961 from the communal. There huddled and brother Arkady. Table a school, a tiny, as designated in malogabaritkah was little. I remember dad writing something in countless notebooks, like at a Desk”.

80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына“He can sit behind him would have here at the Museum. After all, when my brother and mother left the apartment, I was just a baby. In 1976 Vysotsky had own housing, but the piece of furniture and remained standing in the apartment grandmother. And at the end of his life my father bought a Desk Director Alexander Tairov – a big, old”.


“That jacket dad can be seen on many photos Institute, working at the Taganka Theater and later. When he was about 18 years old, they, along with his father and uncle went to the Studio, where he ordered three of the same coat for each. Now the thing is, of course, it looks old-fashioned, but at that time was very cool. The bard wore a long jacket. He he liked, but eventually came into disrepair. So men of the family gave Vysotsky the other two jacket. Whose – grandfather or his brother is now kept in the Museum, I don’t even know.”

80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына
80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына“His father belonged to that generation, whose members did not throw clothes, he repaired, altered, transferred by inheritance. His parents fought, survived the evacuation, suffered a lot, so Vladimir Semenovich was not spoiled. Yes, and the rich, too: wages in the theatre was 140 rubles, concert rate a 7.5. He did, but not besilis with fat, as many believed. And dressed always in his style. In the 70s almost no one went in jeans and tucked in t-shirt – it was not accepted. And dad loved and wore. Still loved the cropped jackets and caps – they went”.


“Vladimir Semenovich somehow very fond of this odd thing, more appropriate in the student’s class than in the living room of the poet. He bought it when I started to travel abroad. Take the colored buttons and made note of places visited: London, Paris, Tahiti… But the map didn’t include all the countries visited by the singer, some just forgot to mention. Vysotsky had a passion for travel in Russia and abroad. Equally interesting was talking about the trips to St. Petersburg and America. Of States father back in 1978 and was under the impression from roads, traffic lights, shops, skyscrapers and nature. At the end of his life he had a dream – a year and a half to go to work. He was not going to emigrate, I was just hoping that the change images will help you to escape from the whirlwind that it was addictive. But it did not happen…”

80 лет поэту: Владимир Высоцкий в воспоминаниях сына


“Dad wrote down their songs. It is due to tape reels of his work were distributed among the masses. In 1964, Vysotsky decided to get to the Theater on Taganka. Walking through the lobby, the musician heard from the stage, someone singing his song “that night”. Buying the program, I saw that in the second act of the play “the Neighborhood” sound composition, on the contrary which says “Music and lyrics”. The first tape on which the dad was doing the early records, owned by his older friend Levon Kocharian, unfortunately, have not survived.”