Памела Андерсон переехала к своему 32-летнему бойфренду Адилю Рами

50-year-old actress Pamela Anderson moved to the French footballer of Moroccan descent, defender of the club “Seville” and the national team of France, Adil Rami.

Памела Андерсон переехала к своему 32-летнему бойфренду Адилю Рами

Moved to Europe Pamela Golden Retriever named zuzu, and a few personal effects. Her adult sons, 20-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Brandon remained in the United States, however, often fly to see mom. It seems that the guys were not against the move moms, because they have long been familiar with Adil and “fully approve of her choice.”

The official representative of the actress reports that Pamela likes in France she does not even think to return to America.

Earlier, an insider told me that the football star does not bother the 18-year age difference with Pamela. “Adil said that Pamela was out of this world. He meant that she didn’t age and she is constantly trying to save the world. Age is not a problem for them!” says an insider.

Recall that the first time the lovers were seen together in nice in June of last year. Pamela and Adil had dinner with friends at one of the local restaurants. The stars tried to hide their feelings from outsiders, but even then, the sources unanimously asserted that they were “inseparable”. But more recently Anderson visited Julian Assange, who is languishing in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Памела Андерсон переехала к своему 32-летнему бойфренду Адилю Рами

In relationships with men at Anderson’s is all right. Pamela said that is not going to join the fight with Harvey Weinstein, and even condemned the victims of the producer. She said that girls know where to go and what to yourself sign.

“Many girls thought that meetings at the hotel will be safe because they organized their own agents. But it’s not a guarantee. Need to think with your head,” expressed his opinion Anderson in an interview with Megan Kelly, adding that “in Hollywood there are a lot of people with whom you cannot communicate, and everyone knows it”.

Anderson admitted that she had also not been invited to such dubious appointments, but she always wanted to be one. “I was repeatedly invited to auditions like these. The men were ready to give me the car and apartment, but I was their “number one”. To which I usually answered: “If I be “number one”, therefore, you have “number two”. I don’t need it.” says the actress and star of TV series “Baywatch”.

After the interview with Megan Kelly Anderson had to meet a barrage of negativity in the party. The actress was not going to support a rapist, but victims too. Anderson was ready for this reaction and knew what was coming, but her opinion did not give up. In an interview with TMZ, she again confirmed his words. “I consider Harvey Weinstein a sexist pig… But there are many self-defence courses. There is even a famous story of suffragettes who study martial arts… Women need to understand that there are such problems, and be willing to meet with them. It is disingenuous to ignore that carelessness, and apologize for his remarks.” says Pamela.