80-летие Иосифа Кобзона

September 11, the famous singer celebrated its 80th anniversary. Many stars with a couple of fans congratulated this day the legend holiday posts. On this day, Kobzon gave an exclusive interview with “StarHit”, in which he spoke about his great love and close relationship with the beloved city.

80-летие Иосифа Кобзона

The legendary singer decided to talk about his close ties with the city on the Neva river, where he once loved his wife Nellie. When he first arrived there in 60-year work, the city was called Leningrad. He brought with him Dmitri Shostakovich, Tikhon Khrennikov, Serafim Tulikov and Oscar Feltsman.

“Many years ago, this city gave me a beloved wife and mother in law. Petersburg so dear to me twice, and to speak I come here with great joy, the city is constantly improving, growing new areas, buildings,” – says the singer.

Kobzon has always considered the white stone home. He never wanted to move North, because in the hometown of the live family and children. He believes that this city is a real center of culture.

The singer used to take the city the way it always was. Kobzon did not want to be capital as it is varied. But he admits his favorite city as there are drawbacks. As he heard Joseph, cultural palaces they require proper care and improvement. “Still makes me sad the state of the cemetery, where are buried my wife’s family. It is very unkempt, but it is our ancestors, our people. I really want to solve the problem,” says the entertainer.

80-летие Иосифа Кобзона

It is worth mentioning that the famous actor and a true legend of the Soviet Union was born in 1937. 11 September Joseph Kobzon began to congratulate him in the morning. Many celebrities have congratulated the actor and wished him a long life. His birthday, the singer decided to celebrate on the stage, and together with the students in the Institute of theatrical arts. This year, the artist will curate your own music class at the higher education institution.

“I have no teaching methodology, I have intuition and experience that I have gained in my life. So all I can do, and all that I can, I give to my young colleagues”, – says Joseph Kobzon.

Professor Kobzon becomes severe. He does not give favors to their students that would make them real professionals. The artist did not give yourself any favors in the age of the student. To afford a suit, the guy was unloading cars at the Riga railway station all night.

The artist tried to appear on TV as much as possible, that people would notice him. Thanks to the patience and great work, Kobzon still noticed. “How to memorize “Field, Russian field, the moon shines or the snow falls”? But you see this field, you can feel it, you repeatedly came into this field,” says Joseph.