8 фактов о победителе «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константине Гецати This weekend in live, TNT will show the final “Battle of psychics.” People who attended the filming, has already lifted the veil of secrecy: the winner was chosen by Constantine Hecate. Like it or not – will show Saturday’s final edition of the program. “StarHit”, meanwhile, studied the biography a very charismatic guy.
8 фактов о победителе «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константине Гецати

30-year-old descendant of Alan of magicians became one of the brightest participants of the 18th season of the popular magical show on TNT. In the first edition of the brutal guy won the hearts of millions of women. This Saturday viewers will show the completion of “Battle”, the program will bring together stars from previous seasons, including Swami Dashi, Victoria Raydos, Vlad Kadoni, Alexander Sheps and Elena Golunova. Ahead of a highly anticipated broadcast of “StarHit” learned a few interesting facts about Hecate.

Participant of “Battle of psychics” Konstantin Hecate: “I believe ill person”

Born in a small village

Real name Konstantin – Mr Gechev, he is Ossetian by nationality. The young man was born in the now abandoned village of Otradny in the Magadan region in the family of a surgeon. Some time later Mr with relatives returned to Ossetia, where the future member of the mystic show has finished school and went to University, determined to connect his life with medicine.

Began to communicate with the spirits at the University

First Mr found out about my unusual abilities when he was in high school. According to Guzeeva, he is the descendant of Alan seers. The young man took of himself the way he is, and began to communicate with spirits. However, higher education is a future star of “Battle” I decided not to throw the guy continued to get a profession.

“I have not opened the ability, it’s just that my blood has stopped “to sleep.” When that happened, of course, I was shocked, but quickly came to himself and realized what is happening. The fact that I knew the history of our culture and kind,” – said Hecate “StarHit”.

He studied at the graduate

In the web you can find pages of the participant of “Battle” on the websites of medical institutions. Garaev not hide that he was a practicing doctor-urologist of high specialization. Educated in North Ossetian medical Academy, Mr started to apply the knowledge in practice. In 2011, a young man moved to the capital and enrolled in graduate school. In addition, there are Garaeva certificates evidencing the improvement of professional skills.

“So many years of working with people and their pain, a profession that fosters cynicism, but I never learned not to ignore someone else’s pain” – shared the psychic.

Starred in a research project

Working as a doctor, Mr was trying not to show his abilities, despite requests from the sisters. A relative tried to persuade his brother to participate in the casting of “the battle of psychics”. Garaev didn’t want to send my application, as was not going to star in TV projects.

In 2015, Mr suddenly I was involved in one of popular science films “the Big leap” devoted to hormone testosterone. Each Garaeva asked him to star in the project, as it was under threat of collapse. To help a friend, the doctor decided to try his hand at TV. In the result, Mr realized that absolutely is not afraid of cameras.

8 фактов о победителе «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константине Гецати

Consulted the spirits before the “Battle of psychics”

Before you send the application to the casting of a mystical TV show, Garaev consulted the spirits. Initially they would not have approved the initiative of the doctor. Everything changed after Mr decided to use a pseudonym, formed from the name of the father (Konstantin) and the names of his family pre-Soviet times. Only then the young man managed to obtain the approval of disembodied entities.

“Man knows so little about the soul, to understand something about spirits and it does not seem possible. Why? Because man is so constituted. Either he gets that here and now will bring practical benefits, or collects everything, without delving into the essence”, – says Hecate.

Plays the guitar well

Member of a mystical TV show is not one of those who have much and willingly speaks about herself. Hecate periodically shares his own thoughts on social networks. Each quotation of Constantine provokes his fans into profound reasoning. So, once the young person has admitted that he can play the guitar and demonstrated their skills.

“When the hands are doing sounds… not in a Long time. Forgotten a lot,” said Constantine.

Fans have credited the novel with Sofia Yegorova

Personal life high brunette 188 cm never ceases to excite tele-viewers. It is known that Hecate not married. In September the young man said, “StarHit” that he had no sweetheart. However, some fans of “the battle of psychics” assured Konstantin experiencing feelings for the urban witch Sofia Egorova. 28-year-old participant mystical show claims that ability got it by inheritance from his father, who died of a heart attack.

Oil poured into the fire pictures taken from the shooting of the finale of the popular TV show. They Constantine posing with Sofia. Fans of the show immediately wrote that young people look great together.

Keen on sports

The star of “the battle of psychics” devotes a lot of time trying to keep myself in good shape. The efforts of Constantine is worth it: in one of the issues he effectively used force, knocking the door to follow Ghost. Unlike many fans of a healthy lifestyle, Constantine tries not to notify subscribers about their regular trips to the gym. The more valuable rare footage Hecate made during training.

“Every man must devote time to sports. Your body is the prop of the soul!” – said the young man, being in the gym.