74-летний Мик Джаггер бросил свою 22-летнюю любовницу
Rocker did not want to settle down.

74-летний Мик Джаггер бросил свою 22-летнюю любовницу

Mick Jagger


Nuur Alhalla


Mick Jagger took
the decision to part with his mistress, a young film producer Nuur Alhalla.
About the novel 74-year-old Jagger’s 22-year-old hottie became
known in the beginning of this autumn. Paparazzi managed several times to photograph them together
Dating in Los Angeles, and later when Nuur was accompanied by rocker in
during his tour in Paris. Then, the reporters were able to catch the rocker with him
mistress when they were together in the hotel. However, their romance was
short: as you can see, Alfala have already managed to bore Jagger.

After parting with his mistress, Mick
reminded me of my paternal responsibilities. Recently he was seen in
Los Angeles in the company of his previous girlfriends — Melanie Hamrick, which
December 2016 rocker gave birth to his eighth child, a son Devereaux. With 29-year-old
at the time Melanie, who left him for a career of a ballet dancer, Mick
started in 2014, shortly after the suicide of his former girlfriend —
Wren Scott, a novel which lasted for 13 years. And in the summer of 2016 was
it is known that Melanie is waiting for Jagger’s child. Rocker said then that
the pregnancy of his girlfriend has a surprise for him — he didn’t plan on having
more children. However, Mick noticed that he considered this a pleasant surprise, and although he is not
is going to marry Henrik, he will in all possible ways to support
your child and his mother. Mick bought for Melanie and baby townhouse
in new York city. Besides, he undertook to pay Hamrick 2.5 million pounds
the education of their child.

We will remind: in addition to
Devereaux, Jagger is a 46-year-old daughter
Caris from his mistress Marcia hunt, a 45-year-old jade’s first wife Bianca, and four
children (two sons and two daughters) from civil wife Jerry Hall and 17-year-old son Lucas from
the Brazilian model Luciana Jimenez.