72-летний Мик Джаггер станет отцом в восьмой раз!
The young mistress of the rocker is expecting his child

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

Photo: Instagram.com

Mick Jagger announced that his 29-year-old girlfriend, ballerina Melanie Hamrick pregnant.
She soon happy 72 lengo rocker for the eighth child! Jagger is rapidly
record catching up with Hollywood in terms of having many children Eddie Murphy, which, due to
his girlfriend Paige butcher, was this year a dad for the ninth time.

Mick always enjoyed a reputation
irresistible Lothario. As once said Jagger, in his bed visited no less than 3,000 women. So
almost nobody was surprised at the fact that Mika was in love with a woman who was
as many as 43 years younger than him. Jagger and Hamrick met back in 2014, when the troupe,
which was made by Melanie, came to Japan, where I toured
and Mick with his band “the rolling stones”. And for the first time together, they managed paparzzi
to film in July the same year, just two weeks after the suicide of Lauren
Hill, who was the lover Jagger for more than 10 years.

So far nothing is known about the plans of Mika
to legalize the relationship with the mother of his next child. Moreover, as
say, Melanie is not intended to and after the birth of her first child to live with
Jagger at his home in London, she plans to move to Los Angeles. She
the girl is independent and determined to live her life the way she thinks

As stated by the press Secretary, Mick, Jagger
very happy news about the pregnancy of his girlfriend. He doesn’t bother to
this situation, he is determined to keep Melanie with your child and provide them with any
needed any help.

Incidentally, Jagger, who had become not
only large POPs, but already boasts five grandchildren and one
a great-grandson, introduced Melanie with her numerous offspring. And, as
according to his friends, Henrik great about all getting along.

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