62-летняя Любовь Успенская шокировала поклонников фигурой
The singer sparked controversy with the bathing suit.

Lubov Uspenskaya

Photo: @uspenskayalubov Instagram Lyubov Uspenskaya

Love on the eve of the assumption shared a photo that caused a strong reaction of subscribers. Recently the singer flew to Dubai, where in between the scheduled performances had to spend time on the beach. In his 62 years of Love shared a photo where posing in a swimsuit on a background of the famous hotel Burj al Arab.

Published in the frame of the assumption demonstrated a stunning figure, which are the envy of many much younger women from the show business. Star chanson never hid that spends massive amounts of money on care for themselves. For her appearance closely a team of professionals. However, the body of the singer looks in the photo so perfect that some members of the star questioned the authenticity of the picture and accused Love abusing photoshop.

By the way, last month the singer has experienced the loss of a beloved pet dog named Frankie, lived with her for 14 years. Assumption extremely hard took care of your pet. Love doted on their Frankie: he even had his own room in the mansion of the artist. Dog food favorite singer was prepared by a personal chef, except that he was the personal dentist, who was watching the white teeth of the animal. During early assumption took the dog with her, and some time ago she bought a special device that was supposed to help her recognize the desire Frankie.