Prince Harry was reunited with his beloved

Принц Гарри воссоединился со своей  любимой
Younger brother William has arranged for Megan Markle unusual and unforgettable journey.

Принц Гарри воссоединился со своей  любимой

Meghan Markle


Prince Harry


Although father Christmas Prince Harry spent
the separation from his beloved Meghan Markle, as it turned out, New year’s eve,
he is secretly reunited with his beloved. They made together an unforgettable journey
beyond the Arctic circle to admire the beauty of the Northern lights. This was announced
British newspaper the Sun — the reporters which
managed to make the very first pictures of Harry and Megan.

Although just before Christmas Markle flew to his beloved
in London, the holiday Markle and the Prince had not just apart, but in different
continents. Harry with the Queen and her family in Sandringham, and Markle — mom Doria Ragland on the other side of the ocean. But, as
did you find out the reporters, 30 Dec Megan, without attracting undue attention,
again arrived in London. Here the lovers and celebrated the New year. And immediately
then went on an extraordinary journey, which has arranged for its
lady Harry.

The Prince, with originality, took the unusual
decision and chose for a romantic vacation with your beloved is not hot and tropical
Islands and the far North. He was poisoned with Megan over the Arctic circle North of Norway.
They stopped in the vicinity of the town
Tromso, located near the famous Norwegian fjords. But the lovers arrived
here, not only to enjoy the beauty of local landscapes, their
the main goal was to see the Northern lights. It is the journey, the Prince helped
to organize his PAL Inge Solheim, with whom he became friends during their preparations for a trip
to the South pole, which was attended by wounded soldiers.

How long this time Garry and Megan will be able to stay
together, is still unknown. The Harry, on schedule, in the near future
events in which he, as a member of the Royal family is obliged to take
part, but there are certain Markle
obligations. Although shooting a new season of “Force majeure”, where she plays one of main roles, will start soon
in March, Megan will have to participate in several charitable
projects. And she is unlikely to want to cancel their appearance at events, even
for Harry’s sake, since it refers to this kind of work very seriously.