51-летняя Жанна Эппле восхитила фигурой в бикини
The actress shared a snapshot from a holiday in the Crimea.

51-летняя Жанна Эппле восхитила фигурой в бикини

Zhanna Epple

Photo: @epple.ymnaya Instagram Zhanna Epple

Zhanna Epple, which
very soon will celebrate his 52 birthday, published in the microblog in
tiny blue bikini. The actress showed fans the amazing,
in other words it will not name a figure. Followers of Jeanne marveled at the way her
managed to maintain such a slim and trim figure. Looking at published
the photo it’s hard to believe Epple already over 50, because it does not vygljadit on your age.

Even the most critical
followers of Jeanne always appreciate the physical form of the actress. Between
way, some time ago in the Network appeared rumors that she allegedly
had surgery “lengthening” legs. Epple even had to make
formal denial to prevent the further spread of gossip.

Now Jeanne is in
Crimea, where not only rest, but also manages to make the staging of the troupe
The Moscow independent theater “Anna Karenina”.

Photo: @epple.ymnaya Instagram Zhanna Epple

Incidentally, some time ago, Joan, who survived several divorces, shared with fans the secrets of dealing with depression after breaking up with her husband. “My advice: you need to change everything that surrounds you. All that enough effort and money: hobby, job, color hair, supermarket, Brand of toothpaste, blankets in the car, the car, the music in the tape, surname, city, country, language, orientation, gender. The more you change, the sooner you can get. If you are strong, young, in — demand, you can do a change of toothpaste. If not this — will have to try!” — said Jeanne.

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