Husband of Salma Hayek didn’t believe in her betrayal

Муж Сальмы Хайек не поверил в ее измену
The actress made a risky confession.

Salma Hayek with husband Francois Pinault and daughter Valentina Paloma

Photo: Splash News/All Over Press

As told during a TV show actress Salma Hayek recently returned from filming in Bulgaria, she decided to hint
to her husband she was having an affair with another man. “Listen, I need to say
you something very important but I just feel so terrible. I just don’t even
know how to tell you this… I know it’s wrong and that’s not right,
but… I Beg of you, forgive me! I felt so bad and lonely. And, you know, people
sometimes making a terrible stupidity in this state…” — with these words
asked recently Salma to her husband. But her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, was interrupted by confused speech
wife and responded to her not as one would expect. “Not only
tell me what you picked up another dog!!!” in horror he moaned. Salma
she realized that her cunning plan had failed, and began to comfort the wife.

Hayek worked out the plan: she decided to hint to my husband,
she had an affair, and then to “soften” the blow, admitting that she’s actually
just picked up another stray dog. But françois-Henri not for a moment
believe in the betrayal of his wife. First, he is married to Salma for seven years — c
2009-th year, and their love story began even earlier — in 2006. And during this time
Pinot managed too well to know his wife to allow her
infidelity. And secondly, he is aware of the main “weakness” of his wife: she just doesn’t
able to get past the unfortunate animal thrown. As a result, the house
the actress even before the story lived 10 dogs, 5 parrots, horses, cats
(one without a tail, one without feet)… “it’s not my fault they find me!” — justified actress.

Salma loves animals. When in March of this
year, a neighbor shot her beloved shepherd named Mozart allegedly intruded on
its territory, Salma was inconsolable. On his page in the social network she
announced that lost one of their family members. Moreover, she wrote
a statement to the police, demanding to punish the murderer. Alas, in this conflict the authorities
law enforcement took the side of the neighbor of the actress.

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