5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2» Every day for 13 years of the reality show comes on the television. During this time the project was attended by over two thousand young men and women who dreamed to find my love and create a strong family.
5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Today on channel TNT enters the 5,000 th edition of the reality show “Dom-2”. Every day for 13.5 years spectators watched as girls and young people are trying to find and keep love. The original idea participants all together built the house in the suburbs. Upon completion, the estate was to be cast among the three couples of the finalists. Forgotten participants “House-2”: what is remembered and where are they now

For a long time of continuous existence of the program, she has repeatedly been criticized by the public. Some believed that the project was too scandalous. However, the creators claimed that they did not violate any of the requirements and counting on the audience of 16-34-year-olds with secondary or higher education.

“To be honest, I can not believe that the project has existed for five thousand days! And, of course, in the beginning no one could have predicted that it will exist for so long. “Dom-2” has become an integral part of my life, influenced my life in some way. So the brightest moments of the project for me personally were the people I met at the “House-2″ and are still my friends! This is my favorite girlfriends! There were many events and 5-th edition of some of the participants become real’s top stars!” said permanent presenter Ksenia Borodina.

May 11, 2004, viewers saw the first participants of the reality show. Many of them were able to achieve popularity and to collect literally an army of fans. Still the fans are happy to follow their life. “StarHit” collected images of the brightest members, who once went in search of his love, and compared with how the characters look now.


Sam Seleznev

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Young mulatto appeared on the project in March 2005. He immediately liked many girls, but to establish strong relationships he got with Anastasia Dashko. The couple has won many competitions, including in the fight for the apartment. However, after this scandal – it turned out that the girl sent text messages from your phone. After that, their results were annulled and the young people left the reality show after being there for three years. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Sam Seleznev: “I Want to take the child from the orphanage”

“Unlike other Oldies I never thought about returning to the project. I think that the next arrival of the former member’s telestroke is a shame. Yes, there’s free food, pay money. But the guys don’t understand that when they show a failure in life. For me reputation is very important. I cherish her more with the orphanage,” – said Sam “StarHit”.

Anastasia Dashko

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

After participating in the reality show bright blonde “lit up” in the crime reports. Anastasia was indicted for fraud. It took building materials for sale, sold them at below market price and spend the money on themselves. In the end she received two years of imprisonment. After his release from prison she told me that she has experienced in that time. Anastasia Dashko was first told about what happened in prison

“This is a thousand women. Women are angry, angry, unsatisfied. Mostly drug addicts and murderers. Of course, there have been fights and scandals. Had to stand up for themselves. At first everyone wanted to stab me because I TV in the colony fell. Then I was accepted when I realized that to stand up for themselves I can,” said Anastasia in 2015.

Dashko is now married, has a child, godmother which became another participant of “House-2” Olga “Sun”.

Olga “Sun”

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Olga Nikolayeva, who took himself the nickname “the Sun”, became one of the first participants in the project. She appeared before the audience with a short haircut and a guitar. It became the author of the song, which now sounds as a title. On the TV show she was making love with May Apricot, but now Olga devotes herself to work. Olga Sun: “I don’t Have time to get married”

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»“I decided to check if I can without a producer to make his art available to the masses. I took part in writing the script of the clip. So you could say that I am my own producer,” – said the former participant “Houses-2”.

May Apricots

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Roman tertyshny appeared on the project, under the pseudonym May Apricots. For three years he tried to build his love – first with Olga “Sun”, and then Alena Vodonaevoy. However, did not find personal happiness in a reality show, the young man left the project in 2007. He moved to the village and now shares in the Network by reasoning about the future of the “LP” program on Russian TV. May Abrikosov: “I Think the participation in the “House-2″ creative collapse”

“I think the participation in the “House-2″ to his personal descent and creative collapse. Spent the time wasted with impunity. Yes, I get annoyed by the mention of the project. If you have had the opportunity to turn back the clock, would prefer to graduate the last six months at the Academy of arts and otherwise would be engaged in the development of the profession. Then, I remember, I was seriously passionate about directing,” said May.

Alena Vodonaeva

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Alain Vodonaeva came to the project, feeling sympathy for Stepan Menshikova. The man is also imbued with sympathy for the passionate brunette. Their pair was considered one of the most beautiful and… hot-tempered. But their Union was not destined to survive long. After Menshchikova girl tried his luck with May Apricot, but the Duo broke up. Improve personal life Alena could only outside the perimeter – in 2010, she gave birth to a son Bogdan and marriage with her first husband, Alexei Malakaeva, and in September 2017, Alena married a second time. Alena Vodonaevoy gave the apartment to the wedding

Stepan Menshikov

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Stepan Menshikov struck up relationships with the brightest participants of the project, including and Victoria Boney. He spent on the project for four years. A few years later after leaving the reality he decided to go back to “the House-2”. Menshikov it was there that he met his future wife Eugenia, who gave him two children – a son and a daughter. Now, however, in the personal life of Stephen not the best period, he learned that the boy was not born from him. Moreover, now Steve tries to break up with his wife. Stepan Menshikov about divorce: “I was for Zhenya “reduced ticket” to Moscow”

Victoria Bonia

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Victoria Bonia came to the project in 2006. But after due to disagreements with the plan and Menshikova they broke up, the girl was unable to re-build a strong relationship with any of the participants. Her life is normal already outside the perimeter. She gave birth to a daughter Monegasque businessman Alex Smerfit. For many, her fate seemed like a real fairy tale. But as it turned out, reality was far from the image that was created by Victoria in the Network. Vika admitted that broke up with a lover before, just because of the fact that they had grown up child. Who millionaire husband dumped Victoria Bonia

Roman Tretyakov

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Novel Tretiakov was another “pioneer” of reality TV. He immediately caught the fancy of millions of viewers. Moreover, the fans watched his romance with a beautiful blonde Olga Buzova. Despite the fact that they were together for almost four years, at some point, the man began to speak about the growing hostility to the girl. He eventually left the project and met his future wife. However, their relationship also did not work – two years after the birth of her son the couple divorced.

Olga Buzova

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Olga Buzova appeared on the draft 18-year-old girl and was able to make a career. Although she has not met its destiny in the framework of the project, in 2008, she took the place of leading the program. In 2012 Olga has married footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Their joint happiness lasted four years – at the end of 2016, they got an official divorce. However, this was still a great boost for girls in her career – after that Olga was expecting a huge success. She began to record songs and shoot videos, who fans perceive to cheer. Olga Buzova: “Better to be alone than with just anyone”

Stanislav and Oscar Karimov

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

The twins immediately caught the fancy of viewers of a new reality show. Despite the fact that Stas has been on the project a little over a year, and Oscar just eight months, the fans still consider them the most interesting participants. Stas had attentions to Olga Buzova, and Oscar was hopelessly in love with a leading Xenia Borodin.

Despite the fact that the “House-2” did many of the participants are known throughout the country, some feel shy of glory of the controversial program. Stas Karimov: “do not tell Anyone that was on the “House-2”

“Many believe that the visit to this project is very cool, but actually it not so, – told “StarHit” Stas. – For example, I do not tell anyone that I was “Home” and try not to advertise it. Just indicate yourself as the hero of TNT”.

Maria Petrovskaya

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Maria Petrovskaya, too, failed to find his happiness within telestroke. She unsuccessfully tried to establish a romantic relationship with the young people of the project, but it ended in failure. A little more than six months, the girl was desperate to meet the love and left the “House-2”. Currently Maria is involved in his own business – she opened her own beauty salon.

Eugene Abuzyarov

5 тысяч дней в эфире: как изменились самые яркие участники «Дома-2»

Extravagant Eugene abuzyarov didn’t hold on the “House-2” and two weeks later, 11 days after the start of the project he left it. The young man was hoping to find pure and sincere love, but at the time him to do so failed. After the project Eugene reached his goal – now his wife he has two children.

Alexander Nelidov

Alexander Nelidov was one of the few “Oldies” who were able to achieve the project goal – to meet their soul mate. He hastened to make the beautiful Natalia Pavlova’s offer of marriage. Soon, however, the girl was expelled for a vote, but because the husband decided to leave the telestroke behind his wife. Not so long ago the couple divorced. Then Natalia and Alexander started their own families. Now they rarely thought about the project. Ex-participant of “House-2” Alexander Nelidov: “I don’t hang out with his ex-wife”

“For me, the peak viewing of the project was when I was interested in human things. Monitored the participants as a psychologist. For example, it is interesting to see how the couple quarrel, then fight in the courts, or for child support. Another funny moment, when you fight with the mother-in-law. Generally, “clearing” brawl banned,” Nelidov said.