5 myths about healthy eating

5 мифов о здоровом питании We develop food habits based on common misconceptions, not even knowing that many of the fears have nothing to do with reality. “StarHit” gathered a few erroneous statements that make you lose weight.
5 мифов о здоровом питании

Simple principles – is fresh, light and varied – for some reason people seem too boring. Such a simple thing as a correct diet all the time cluttered with myths and rumors. Help to understand the most common misconceptions.

Eat will get fat

To mess up the shape if there are a lot of and moving not enough. It’s simple arithmetic – the unused calories, the body puts a “reserve” in the form of fat. When they were received in the morning, afternoon or evening is immaterial. The rule “do not eat after 6” was understood is completely wrong.

Late heavy supper may lead to heaviness in the stomach, insomnia and bad mood in the morning. But figure it will affect not more substantial than any other similar meal. You can eat 2-3 hours before bedtime, and if you go to bed at 11, dinner at 8 PM will not hurt you.


5 мифов о здоровом питании

Some people believe that “normal” food is full of chemicals and it is better to chew the carpet than tomatoes grown unscrupulous corporations, and we have komorkowa and will live a hundred years. Echoed, craftool wrapped in stylish paper and tied with string, is twice as expensive and it probably needs to be twice as useful.

However, 16 is very serious, independent studies conducted by various organizations in the United States, found no difference in the nutritional value of “eco” and “non-eco” products. Besides in our country there are no rules governing the use of the prefixes “eco” and “organic”, and the honesty of this statement always remains on conscience of the manufacturer. A bill that once and for all determine who can sculpt on your pickles and buckwheat, the label “organic” has already been prepared, but until you can buy a ton of Chinese tomatoes from the zone of ecological disaster, and, tying each straw to sell as a farmer and environmentally friendly.


5 мифов о здоровом питании

Black can be just as caloric as white. But rye bread is digested more slowly and gives a more solid feeling of satiety. But keep in mind, manufacturers like to add in brown bread seeds, nuts and dried fruits, which greatly increases the calorie content of the product.

The mistake is to think that black bread is a storehouse of nutrients, and the white solid calories and nothing more. It has vitamins b, PP, calcium, iron and phosphorus, although at lower concentrations than in rye. White bread is easier to digest and less increases the acidity of gastric juice. It is important to remember that the dark color of the bread is often achieved at the expense of the dyes, therefore, not be amiss when you purchase a view on the product. However, if your goal is to lose weight, the bread should be abandoned altogether.


5 мифов о здоровом питании

In fact, millions of years of evolution prepared us well to omnivorous. Our body produces all the necessary enzymes to simultaneously digest a turnip, steak and ice cream. And calorie consumption to a greater extent depends on what we’re doing is sitting in front of a computer or running in the Park.

But actually, the idea of separation of power is not so bad – those who adhere to this system, eat a variety of foods and carefully monitor the contents of the dish. This is what allows you to make the diet more useful.


Gluten is a protein contained in cereals. Approximately 1% of the population is diagnosed with celiac disease – gluten intolerance. So unlucky it really is better to avoid. For the others it is completely harmless – gluten does not cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract does not contribute to weight gain, do not harm the cardiovascular system, does not increase the risk of developing cancer and, of course, can not provoke celiac disease which is a genetic disorder.

However, we will not blame the manufacturers of gluten-free products due to the fact that harmless-looking squirrels suddenly became the main evil, in people with celiac disease, there was a wide variety of foods they can eat without fear of problems.