5 interesting facts about Dmitry Nagiev

5 интересных фактов о Дмитрии Нагиеве
To the 49 anniversary of the famous actor portal 7days.ru prepared the five most interesting facts from his biography..

5 интересных фактов о Дмитрии Нагиеве

Dmitry Nagiyev

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Fact # 1.

In school, Dmitri Nagiyev was a very chubby boy, and for his overweight classmates gave him the insulting nickname “fatty”.

“I was teased:
The “fat barrel bore a son”, and I cried to my mom about it. Remember how in 15 years
at the disco invited a girl to dance, and she, along with her friends began to laugh at me that I almost died from shame, — says Dmitry. — I
often beaten, because I was no different a strong physique. Anyway
case, while in the fourth grade did not go to do sports”.

intensified training on self-defense without weapons (Sambo) is already 16 years Nagiyev
rapidly lost weight at 12
pounds. And soon healed and his long-term mental
the wound caused school insults and beatings. “In the end, I was promoted to masters
sport, became the champion of Leningrad, took second place in the championship of the country among
juniors…” — said the actor in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”.

Fact # 2.

5 интересных фактов о Дмитрии Нагиеве

Dmitry Nagiyev and Lyudmila Gurchenko in the series “Caution, Zadov!”

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Dmitry Nagiyev believes that its success he is fully obliged
mom. The boy’s parents — a failed actor Vladimir Nikolaevich and philologist
Liudmila Z. Nagieva, divorced when Dima was 11 years old, and his younger
brother Wife — seven. After a tough divorce Lyudmila Nagiyeva was forced to educate
their sons alone.

“Naturally, their divorce was drama. And,
of course, being boys, nothing in life is not understanding, we are positively
fully were on mom’s side. Dad talked, but mostly as I now
think it was a form of communication”, — says Dmitry.

child support and father’s support engineer, with the money in the family
Agiewich was slow. The salary of the teacher of foreign languages in Military
Academy of communication, which my mother worked, on life sufficed.

lived so poorly — not to pass. I remember in 6th grade I complained to my mother that I
thank you, and I can’t wear them, so I was hurt, — says Dmitry. And
yet everything in life I owe to my mother. She gave me a lot. At the
the severity of life, which she got, she stood and raised their
children decent people. For which I am very grateful.”

Fact # 3.

5 интересных фактов о Дмитрии Нагиеве

Dmitry Nagiyev in the series “Fizruk”

Photo: TNT

Few people know that famous sarcastic smile
Nagieva or, as it is called, branded “nogawski squint” is the result
of a severe illness.

“It’s very obvious, I just never talked about it
journalists — confessed showman. — I have facial paralysis, is a medical
this is called “paresis”. Because of this — absolute facial asymmetry. In the frame
quietly, but static on film, in photos, everything is readable. And whistle I don’t
can’t do it, so the lips don’t add up…”. The disease the actor is suffering
for about 30 years — from the second year of theatrical Institute. While studying the face
the actor suddenly stopped moving. The muscles paralyzed. Student extra
hospitalized, but no treatment helped, and almost 40 days, his face remained
completely motionless. Partially restore mobility helped the case:
a sharp gust of wind in the room, where the future actor, shattered glass. Fright mobility of facial muscles
partially returned. “At the same moment I felt my eyes twitched, then
the other, on the cheek a shiver ran down, and all things went quietly
to recover, — says Naghiyev. — Recovered, as you can see, but not
absolutely — the left side is still not completely mobile”.

Fact # 4.

5 интересных фактов о Дмитрии Нагиеве

Dmitry Nagiyev Dmitry Nazarov and in the TV series “Kitchen”

Photo: CTC

Acting career of Dmitry Nagieva started in seven years
age, when he in 1974 starred in one series of the comic magazine “Yeralash”.
In 1990, as a student LGITMiK, Dmitry played a cameo role
the bartender in the movie “Hangman”. After graduating from the University of theatre of young actor
played a few small roles. Wide popularity came to Dmitry Nagiyev
in 1996, after the release of the comic series “Beware
modern!”, in which the second main role is played by actor Sergey Rost. This series
has several successful sequels, released in different years: “Beware of
modern!-2” (2001-2003), “Caution, Zadov!” (2004-2005) and “Zадов in Rеалити”
(2006). In addition to ensign Zadov, Nagiev has played many other roles which
liked by the audience. Among them — the captain of militia Michael Foresters of “Kamenskaya”,
Judas of Karioth from “the Master and Margarita”, the owner
restaurants of “Kitchen in Paris”, the former head of security of the businessman “Thomas” from “the Teacher”
etc. Also Dmitry Nagiyev is a very successful TV presenter. He led such transfer,
as “the Great race”, “star”, “Voice. Behind the scenes, Voice. Children” and many others.

Fact # 5.

Dmitry Nagiyev and his son Kirill

Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Dmitriy Nagiev is one of the most eligible bachelors
domestic show-business. Only the spouse of the actor at the end of 1980-ies
was the St. Petersburg radio presenter Alice cher. Novel of the future spouses began shortly
before Nagiyev was demobilizovalsya from the army. “Six months before the end of the service
I came home for a week off. In some company we accidently
met. Talked, then phoned, met. Don’t remember immediately
went to bed or every other day, but just remember that this thing is not delayed.
And then she waited for me,” said “7D” Nagiyev. Soon Alice and Dmitry
got married, and in 1989 the couple had a son, Cyril. However, after 12 years
life together, family relationships are soured and the couple decided
to get a divorce. “Something happened, some of us can’t cope because
over time we formed a relationship in which it became clear that together we
worse than separately. Not to say that now some of us regret
incident. No,” admitted Nagiyev. By the way, about loving the most popular actor is legendary. But despite all the loud rumors about the novels, “to ring” Dmitry Nagiyev second time yet no one has. Although, again if you believe the rumors, the constant lover I was. Say, a few years ago, the couple had a baby. Naghiyev himself on the subject of personal life does not speak, and the fact of having a second child would not comment.

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